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Ways To Serve In A Coronavirus World

With a global pandemic, many aspects of our daily lives have changed. One of the most prominent issues students are facing is how to serve others. Whe...

Great Empathy & Compassion: The World Of Mrs. Jennifer Lystrup

(illustration by Nathan Hertzler) From their first days on campus, students at Christian Brothers are encouraged to participate in service opportunit...

Birds Of A Feather Support CB Together

Hi, my name is Delaney Bird. You probably don’t know me. Or maybe you do, who’s to say. But I can almost guarantee that you know some memb...

They Came, They Saw, They Served: Venaver LA

  Last month, the City of Angels beckoned some of Christian Brothers own angels to experience real life poverty. During the week of October 16 to the...

Serve It Up!

The Christian Brothers Women’s Varsity volleyball team recently went on a trip to San Francisco, but not to shop in Union Square or see a Giants...

Night & Day

A life-changing Venaver trip to Browning, Montana.

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