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How Politics Permeate Personal Relationships

As politics have become more prominent parts of our lives over the years, political differences in interpersonal relationships have become far more pr...

Takeaways From The Trials & Tribulations Of 2020

(illustration by Kenny Ortiguesa ’22) At this point, calling 2020 a disaster is both cliché and an extreme understatement. From the coronavirus...

Puzzling Propositions: A Breakdown Of The 2020 California Ballot Initiatives

This election season, Californians have 11 ballot initiatives on which to vote. These propositions can appear daunting to understand, so I decided to ...

How 2020 Has Pushed Politics To The Forefront For CB Students

While in the past it might’ve been easier to stay away from political involvement, it’s become increasingly impossible to divest oneself from thes...

The Government Shutdown & You!

Have questions and concerns about the government shutdown? The Talon has the scoop.

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