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Drawing The Curtain On A Theatre Career

When I first stepped onto campus, I had three friends and a pixie cut. I furiously typed my copious notes for Mr. English and tried not to get dress c...

Drumming To His Own Beat

Sean Baker (’17) is no faker. He works hard to be a musician and a friend. He is more than just a shaggy blob of dirty blonde hair and he is mor...

Mind The Gap: Worrying Trend Or Worthy Adventure?

For most American students, the end of high school begins the next stage of the academic track at a college or university. However, during the last ...

Cross Country: One Hill Of A Team

This year could be one of the most successful years for the cross country program as the team continues to evolve. 

Who Runs The World? Moms!

Who keeps CBXC running? Let’s be real — it’s all about the moms.

Campus Renovation: Student Style

Students push for a playground, a snow simulation room, and a nap room as the next additions to the CB campus.

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