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Honoring Your Ancestors Through Art

Two years ago, the Learning Commons said goodbye to the bookshelves on the back wall, leaving room for a few computers as well as some blank wall spac...

Model Teachers

  There’s a lot of style at Christian Brothers High School. From Fjällräven backpacks to Dr. Martens, it’s clear that CB students k...

To: Thiebaud, From: CB

You don’t need to go to Hollywood to meet celebrities. We have one right here in good ‘ole Sacramento.

A Great Way To Show Who You Are

Athletes get sporting events, singers and actors get performances, and musicians get concerts. But what about visual arts students?

Christian Brothers & The Crocker: A Show of Self

Find out about one of CB’s greatest traditions of student self-expression.

CB Talents Shared With The Community

Many extraordinary teachers are implementing new and rewarding aspects into their curriculum.

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