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Songbirds Flock With Our Falcons

Many Christian Brothers students jam out to a pair of headphones during the day, but did you know that some of our Falcons are songbirds too? Let the ...

Teacher Deja Vu

Its like looking into a mirror — find out what a few teachers have to say about some of their students that remind them of their high school se...

Freshmen: How Ya Doin’?

Coming into second semester, CB freshmen feel more prepared than ever.

Karma Is A Female Dog

Jessie, Hercules, and Karma — these three dogs have been roaming the CB campus with one motive in minds, to keep CB safe, one less drug at a tim...

The Amazing Early Risers

The brave, the giving, the Wellspring members.  Wellspring members donate their Friday mornings and arrive at school before the gates are even unlock...

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