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El Otro Lado: CB Students Experience The Other Side

As we live in the time of Covid, everything in the past seems to be a sweet distant memory. As I reflect on what my life was like before the pandemic,...

From One Family Business To Another

On the first Friday of every month, CB teachers share how their vocations came to be fulfilled. Many of them did not just waltz right into the wonderf...

Mr. Eckel: Wrestling Coach Or Life Coach?

Mr. Bernie Eckel is the beloved Honors / AP Chemistry teacher here at Christian Brothers and is also the wresting coach. Holding both jobs, he’s...

Teacher Dearest

Parents. You can never actually really understand them until you become one. One minute they’re your best friend and the next you’re fight...

Community College Or Four Year College?

The average student has many questions about their future school. The college a student chooses is one of the most important decisions of a young adul...

Marvelous Medalists

With the 2016 Rio Olympics over and gone, many of us wished that we could’ve been standing on that podium, receiving that gold medal while liste...

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