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Men’s Volleyball: Setting Up For Success

A pinch of hard work, a dash of dedication, and a ton of fun — the recipe for success on the Christian Brothers Men’s Volleyball team. This i...

Six And A Half Miles In Someone Else’s Shoes

I walked 6.5 miles to and from school and lived…barely. CB students Sharif Morton (’17) and Erik Ma (’17) took me on their not-so-un...

Marcus Cepeda: The Face Of CB

Marcus Cepeda (’17) is the captain of the CB men’s volleyball team. He made and was featured in our annual Admissions video. He’s spoken to mult...

Senior Year: The Next Chapter

Guess what seniors, you’ve made it! You’ve finally made it to senior year and there is only a little bit of time left until we are all mov...

Falcon Fandom

Their love started out with a basic knowledge of a game and their favorite color, but now it has grown into a fiery passion, filled with fierce compet...

Serving Up Memories

Fun, intensity and friends…CB men’s volleyball has it all!

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