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ASB’s Shining Plans For Next Year

What do you hope returns next year? More open dances? More microwaves in the cafeteria? More laxity toward the dress code? Look no further than to the...

The Unauthorized Biography Of ASB President Marcos Galvan

As ASB President, Marcos Galvan (’22) has to approve many things. Fortunately, this article is not one of them. You’ve probably seen Marcos ru...

Dancing, Dresses, & Dates: It’s Prom Season

Picture this: a grand ballroom filled with twinkly decor, greenery, colorful lights, and everyone dressed in their most formal attire. This is the Upp...

How CB Students Get Their News

“Fake news” has become a widespread phrase in our world today. With so many different ways to obtain information and the internet not alwa...

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