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Pinterest: The Perfect Platform

Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram. All apps that have a chokehold on modern society and especially teenagers. I have a complicated relationship with social ...

Real Life Smashy Road: Danger In The CB Parking Lot

We all have those moments: driving over a curb, accidentally cutting someone off, almost hitting a pedestrian. And sure, it’s embarrassing. But what...

Glasses Gang & Problems With Their Prescriptions

The blind. Everywhere you look, they are there. They live among us and slowly surround us. Using contacts to disguise their disability and show us the...

Give Me Pizza Or Face My Racket: The Uncovered Inequities Of Women’s Tennis

Despite being a sport in which love is in the rules, women’s tennis doesn’t get much. A day in the life of a women’s tennis player highlights ma...

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