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Goodbye To The Class Of 2023

The Class of 2023’s time at Christian Brothers is quickly coming to an end. We are wrapping up our classes, ordering our graduation cards, and soon ...

Five Shocking Facts about CB Teachers

What do you know about your teachers? Maybe you know where they went to college and high school or their favorite sports teams or how many kids they h...

Ranking The Best Rooms At CB

What is your favorite room at CB? What factors contribute towards your answer? The natural light, proximity to the bathroom, proximity to the staircas...

How Teachers Are Adapting To The Hyflex Schedule

The California color coded Covid tier system ranges from purple (widespread outbreak) , red (substantial), orange (moderate), and yellow (minimal). A ...

Looking Back At The Falcon Family

Imagine what it was like to go to Christian Brothers in the ’90s. How about the ’70s? What about the 1880s? Have you ever wanted to sift t...

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