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Marcus Cepeda: The Face Of CB

Marcus Cepeda (’17) is the captain of the CB men’s volleyball team. He made and was featured in our annual Admissions video. He’s spoken to mult...

Mindful Living

  Near the main lawn, there is an area below the over-arching cross. The area smells wonderful and is over by the benches is referred to as the R...

The Transformative Journey: Ms. Heather Christianson ’01

In the middle of the George Cunningham ’40 Performing Arts Theater stage stood a small table and two chairs. CB Yearbooks from ’99, ’00, and ...

Flashback Friday: ’99 To Now

Around her office in Admissions, faces from weeks and years ago plaster the white walls surrounding her neat desk. Black and white photos encased in f...

8 Hints To Make Homecoming Magical

It’s almost the beginning of October at Christian Brothers — and there is tension in the air. Girls and guys are both treading the waters to f...

The 10 Commandments Of The Student Parking Lot

As you’re staring at the red light, the clock screams 7:45 on your dashboard. The sun peeks over your mirror, and the morning has dawned. The ...

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