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Pinterest: The Perfect Platform

Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram. All apps that have a chokehold on modern society and especially teenagers. I have a complicated relationship with social ...

CB Kings Fans Light The Beam

LIGHT. THE. BEAM. Three syllables, three words that, as of this year, are so familiar to anyone in Sacramento. A purple laser beam that shoots straigh...

Talon Staff Superlatives

Have you ever been scrolling through your Schoology home feed and seen a new update from rather than the regular daily bulletin or reminde...

You Belong With Me: A CB Swiftie’s Manifesto

I love Taylor Swift. If I’m in the car, doing homework, roaming the hallowed halls of CB, or really doing anything at all, I’m most likely listeni...

Class Can Be Brutal, Might As Well Doodle

After a particularly enlightening literature class, the bell rang and I began to pack my backpack. My composition notebook was left on my desk, chock-...

The Marvelous Maddie McDougall

Even at a young age, Mrs. Emily McDougall knew her daughter was different from other children. Most kids imagined they were princesses or astronauts.&...

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