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MUNerds: What’s Up With CB Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, an international organization of states created after WWII to maintain peace and security....

Doggone & Dreamin’ With Anna Deukmejian

“I’m her biggest fan!” Says Grace Valverde (‘23). “No, I’m her biggest fan!” argues Jenna Yates (‘23). No, they aren’t talking about...

History In The Making: When CB Went Co-Ed

What is it that makes CB unique? While there are many factors that make the CB community distinct, the conversation inevitably circles around co-educa...

Schedule Struggles: What Set Do I Have Next?

When I signed up for the task of being a senior leader at Freshman Lock-in this year, I didn’t know I was signing up to explain the chaos that i...

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