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A Continuing Education In Creativity

For some students in the CB four year art program, education extends beyond their time in high school.

The La Salle Art Show

With the new theater and the movement of many visual and performing arts, what can we expect of the annual La Salle Art Exhibit?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is still important for people to practice.

2014 Films: A Year in Preview

Most people enjoy movies of all genres — so what does 2014 have to offer in the way of film entertainment?

The Overlooked Path

Acceptance letters are arriving and seniors are starting to make college decisions. But is the option of the local junior colleges being overlooked?

Winter Sun: The California Drought

The sun is shining, the ground is dry, and it’s warm enough for sunbathing. But it’s the middle of the winter, so what’s going on?

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