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At some point in time, we all catch an eye for someone. Maybe it’s the way they walk, act, smile, talk, dress, or even how they Snap you back fast. Maybe your friend said they’d be cute with you. And at some point, you realize…they are your crush. You Like them.  But how do you […]

At some point in time, we all catch an eye for someone. Maybe it’s the way they walk, act, smile, talk, dress, or even how they Snap you back fast. Maybe your friend said they’d be cute with you. And at some point, you realize…they are your crush. You Like them. 

But how do you know when this is a person worth perusing or pursuing? Are there certain crushes better left as crushes? Let’s take a look at what these crushes can look like.

The Convenient Crush

I remember having my first crush at five years old. It started with a game of “family” at recess in which he and I played the role of “mom” and “dad”. I liked him because it made sense — he would play at recess with me, and he was good at kickball. I never thought of him much more than when I’d see him at school. We had few play dates, but I never thought of him outside of that. I wasn’t worried about what I looked like around him or if he liked another girl. I was five. 

That crush is what I would consider to be “convenient”. We had the same class for four years and our moms liked each other. A convenient crush would be someone you like because they are always there. You wouldn’t go out of your way to continue to like them if they were to become less convenient, but because they are convenient, you just go with it. It makes your day-to-day more exciting. But a convenient crush is the most simple, basic form of crush. 

The Hopeless Crush

That one person you really like but wait 😫 there’s a barrier. They might live super far away, their friends hate you, they’ve told you they have a crush on someone else, or they have straight up told you they don’t like you. It is not at all logical to like them…but you just do.

The Classroom Crush

‘It’s like your relationship flourishes in class, but the second that bell rings, it’s like when your alarm clock goes off and you realize it’s just a dream. When you see them anywhere else or at any other times, the vibe just doesn’t flow the same. It’s okay though — they make class so much more fun. This inconsistency leaves you confused though. Could what happen in class every day become more?

The Hallway Crush

One day you are simply walking down the hallway with your friends, dreading your next set. You pass hundreds of people at once as everyone all around you rushes to get to class. All the faces passing blur together. 

All but one. 

That one person passes you and you get a little jolt in your body. Eyes are now in the shape of hearts, and you swear there was a spotlight on them for a moment.

Do you know their name? Maybe. Have you ever spoken a word to them? Absolutely not. In fact, to them you are likely just another blurred face. 

But to you, they are the only one you see.      

The Ideal Crush

Oh, do we all need an ideal in our life. This is the crush that checks every box — it’s basically like they were made for you. They fit every fantasy you’ve made about your “perfect” or “dream” partner. They are smart but not annoyingly so. Your best friend would definitely approve. According to their Instagram, they play the most attractive sport and love the same music you do. Now you convince yourself this is the person you will marry. They have everything. You will get that perfect fairy tale love after all.

The Family Friend 

Ever since you where five, your family made a point of getting together with theirs. Their mom loves you and their dad seems to approve. Both of your parents are close, so the family is already locked in. The wedding would be great. However, if you are honest with yourself, they are really only on your mind after you’ve spent time with their family. Ask yourself if they would stand out to you if you didn’t know everything about them and their home life. Who knows? Maybe this is what your parents plan was all along starting way back when you were five. 

The Right Person, Wrong Time 

The most perfect person comes into your life.  When you’re with them it feels like your other half. Other people can even see it — you two just make sense. They are your ideal crush, but there is one major object keeping you apart: distance, they are in a relationship, too busy, or you just know it couldn’t work right now. No matter what, you know they are your right person — you just have to be patient.

The Invisible String 

You meet them and you swear you’ve met them before. But you’re nervous, so you blow it off. Then it goes way better than you could’ve ever expected and suddenly they are your “special someone” 😉. As you begin to integrate them into your life, you start to find little things that have connected the two of you all along. Maybe you went to the same school but didn’t know each other. Maybe you share a mutual friend or find out you were at the same party at one point. This can also mean a mix of different shared life experiences. No matter what your story looks like, one thing becomes clear: there was always something bringing you two together. 

Jordan Medina (’25) explains how he and his girlfriend found their way to each other. They had been friends since freshman year and shared many close friends. Sophomore year they didn’t talk much, but that summer was the first time he started to see her and become closer with her. They continued to hang around the same people and became good friends. 

It wasn’t until they began dating that he realized for the first time all the little friendships and hangouts that had been pulling them together all along. Jordan describes the hangout when things changed: “it was nothing crazy, it just felt right, it felt good…I just felt like, ‘yeah I want to do that again’.”

No matter what crush you find yourself having, just remember — you wont miss what is right for you. We all deserve to find our special someone, and although it’s fun to crush, don’t take things too seriously. At the end of the day in high school, these four years are all about figuring things out. When the right person comes along, things will feel easy. So for now, enjoy having your crush or crushes. 

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