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So Your Dad’s The Principal: Now What?

On a typical morning walking onto campus, you’ll find yourself greeted by peers, teachers, and other administration members. Almost always, the last thing you would expect to see is one of your parents strolling down the halls, especially when they’re handing out dress code slips. Most of us would deem this scenario highly unlikely to […]

On a typical morning walking onto campus, you’ll find yourself greeted by peers, teachers, and other administration members. Almost always, the last thing you would expect to see is one of your parents strolling down the halls, especially when they’re handing out dress code slips. Most of us would deem this scenario highly unlikely to occur, but for Kaylin (‘24) and Charlie Perry (‘26), this unfathomable hypothetical is their reality. As they brave a new year with changes in the schedule and dress code, they must also face the unknown of going to school where their dad, is the principal.

Dr. Dave Perry may be a name you’ve started hearing on campus as he’s begun his first year working as CB’s principal. This year has brought an abundance of new faces in the form of administration and teachers, so it’s been a little hard to keep track of who’s who. Everyone plays an important role in the CB community, but it’s important we all become familiar with the new additions. What better way to get to know Dr. Perry than through his daughter?

The initial reaction any child has for the success of their parents is excitement. Kaylin recalls there was a lot of support from her whole family for Dr. Perry accepting the position of principal because they all recognized his enthusiasm for the CB community. Kaylin herself had no reservations and felt reassured by the fact she had already had him as a principal before at St. James School in Davis. 

“He was my principal when I was in kindergarten, first, and second grade, so when he first got the job I thought ‘Oh I’ll be used to it he was my principal before.’”

But as the school year has fully launched and the reality of her dad being principal has settled in, Kaylin is seeing some differences. 

“It’s a lot different in high school than elementary school. When you’re in elementary school it’s kind of cool. But now its like ‘oh wow your dad is the principal and he’s the one making these dress code rules.’”

Kaylin explains that one of her biggest annoyances so far is her peers coming to her with complaints about things like dress code. 

“It’s awkward because I can’t do anything about that even if I agree about it,” she says.

She even expresses her own outward dislike for some of the new dress code regulations.

“I think I was more excited when he got the job but now hearing people complain about the dress code it’s like ‘I agree!’” she explains before exclaiming in rebellion to “bring back the jeans!”

She has decided that just because her dad is principal doesn’t mean she’s gonna stop breaking some of the rules occasionally. 

“I told him I’m gonna still wear my flare leggings like I don’t care,” she says proudly before adding jokingly, “and he’s like ‘well I’m gonna dress code you then.’”

There haven’t been any awkward run-ins for Kaylin, but she does admit that seeing her dad on campus isn’t always a feeling she welcomes. 

“I’ll see out of the corner of my eye and be like ‘oh shoot’ and walk away,” she laughs before adding on a more serious note that “when I see him with other students, I think ‘I hope he’s not dress coding them.’”

As a father deciding to take a new position, Dr. Perry’s prime concern was the reaction and the consequences it would have on his kids. His family played a big part in his consideration before deciding to come to CB. There was a little hesitation, but the support of his family confirmed it would be the right choice. He mentions the transition at home has been pretty smooth with only a few conflicts .

The Perry family at Drew Perry’s (‘23) graduation

“It’s been pretty good. There may have been a little bump or two in the road with some early dress code issues and things like that,” he mentions.

Despite the small annoyances, Kaylin recognizes her dad’s love and passion for the school.

“He just loves this school so much since we’ve started going here. Even before we went here, he’s always loved this school,” the senior says. “He just loves everything about it — he wants to go to all of the sporting events.”

“He wants the best for this school, he wants everyone to just feel involved, loved, and safe.”

One passion Dr. Perry expressed was finding a way to help create an equal playing field for students who may struggle trying to manage school with learning disabilities. Although these changes won’t be immediate, Dr. Perry explained that helping kids with learning disadvantages is one of the long term projects he is passionate about.

Although there are many reasons Dr. Perry was allured to the prospect of working at CB, he mentioned a big factor was the opportunity to be a principal at a Lasallian school. 

“I went to St. Mary’s [College], so I’d spent a lot of time with the brothers and Lasallian educators, but never had the chance to work in a Lasallian school — that was a big part of [accepting the position]. ” 

Talking to Dr. Perry revealed a lot of truth in what Kaylin had said about his love for the CB community. He explained how, as the new guy, it isn’t his desire to walk in demanding a million changes, but instead he’s here to understand the way things are run and learn how to build off the existing system of inclusivity, professionalism, and higher education.  

“The experience of my kids has been fantastic, and I’ve loved being a part of the community on the outside, but being able to be here on a daily basis is a gift,” Dr. Perry states with genuine appreciation. 

Dr. Perry wants to make an impression among those who haven’t had the opportunity to formally meet him yet.

“I care deeply about the school, but more importantly care deeply about each one of the students,” he says.

In regards to all those unfamiliar with him personally, Dr. Perry is very clear that his objective is to be a pillar that holds up and represents the CB values. Although this includes honoring the rules such as dress code, he emphasizes a desire to increase his involvement and make himself available so that everyone will recognize him as a friendly face on campus. 

“The role of principal requires me supporting teachers, supporting students, and supporting parents, and it doesn’t allow me to be out and about as much as I would like to be,” he says. “But my happiest moments are when I’m amongst the students. Whether it’s just hanging out on the Main Lawn during break or being part of an athletic event or being at a drama performance. I love watching kids shine and be their best. I’m hopeful as the year goes on and I learn the nuts and bolts of my job that I get more opportunities to be present in classes and amongst the students.”

One of the most important features that makes Dr. Perry stand out as a principal is the way he shows his Falcon pride through his custom Nike shoes. The infamous shoes are the epitome of school spirit. Decked out with the iconic royal blue and red with “CBHS Falcons” embroidered on the back heel, these shoes are definitely something to be on the lookout for during CB events. 

“For the first week of school I wore them everyday,” he says proudly “ And I save them- – I don’t wear them everyday, I don’t wear them on the weekends. I only wear them if I’m at a CB event, so you will definitely see them.”

Dr. Perry’s enthusiasm and love for the school is evident, and as we all get to know him throughout the year, it’s clear we’ll get to know him better. He has big plans and hopes in terms of nurturing our community and supporting further growth of students inside and outside the classroom.

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