Paola Pasqua’s Perfect & Potent Prom Preview

Twinkling lights, elegant gowns, and the promise of magical moments all in one night?! That’s right, prom season is back and anticipation is in the air. The CB upper division ball will be held Saturday May 13th at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, and I could not be more excited. Luckily for the juniors and seniors […]

Twinkling lights, elegant gowns, and the promise of magical moments all in one night?! That’s right, prom season is back and anticipation is in the air. The CB upper division ball will be held Saturday May 13th at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, and I could not be more excited. Luckily for the juniors and seniors attending, I will be sharing this exclusive prom preview that gives you all the insight you need in order to have a great night. From logistics to fashion to dinner items, I’ve got you covered.

A lot goes into prom planning, and it takes more than one person to get the job done. Every year, CB has weekly prom meetings open to any upperclassmen interested in sharing their ideas for the upcoming affair. After coming up with a few different theme ideas, the majority of the upperclassmen voted on a masquerade themed ball.

“The centerpieces are going to have masks, feathers, and be very fun and fancy. We will have a photo booth — Bill Smith is bringing lots of masquerade fun stuff,” Mrs. Cecilia Powers, Assistant Dean of Student Life and the mastermind behind prom planning. “We will have a strip that will have masquerade decorations. The colors that we are using are mostly black and gold”. You do not have to dress to the theme, but there will be lots of decorations and some masks to wear to get into the spirit. 

Though Bill Smith Photography will be bringing the photo booth, this is not the only form of entertainment for the night. “We are also having several casino tables in the foyer area, so there will be poker, black jack, and craps table”, Mrs. Powers shares. So if you ever need a breather from the dance floor, you’ve got options. To be bored on the night of prom is not an option. 

“We’re also going to have a DJ who will play before dinner and during dinner and then he will play dance music for the last three hours”. Music is one of the biggest factors that can make or break a dance. If you are an upperclassman and have any song recommendations that you think would be hard to go without, Mrs. Powers sent out a form on Schoology for songs that should be added to the DJ playlist. 

Dessert options for the evening😋

Speaking of dinner, it’s included in your ticket! “The Sheraton does a really beautiful job with the food. There are three basic meal choices: the chicken and wild mushroom, the vegetarian pesto gnocchi, and the vegan pasta option. Everybody gets a Caesar salad and rolls and there will be a couple of dessert choices”. The meals will be served to you directly by the staff workers at the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about it. You will have the option between a tiramisu or a chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Both are delicious — I tried them both last year. 

We have covered theme, entertainment, and food, so let’s discuss this year’s prom fashion trends. There’s the off-the-shoulder dresses, sequined dresses, neon dresses — we have seen it all on TikTok. But senior Alana Yuzon (‘23) shares her hot take on her not-so-favorite dresses. “I’ve seen a lot of the sundresses — I’m not a big fan of them I will say. It’s not giving prom but more easter brunch”. I can get behind this statement. Prom is the one occasion that everyone is allowed to go all out and a little extra. I don’t see the need to make it casual, but of course that is my personal opinion. Alana ends on a positive note sharing the trends that she likes. “I do like the one-shoulder, the sparkly ones, and I like the silk dresses too”. 

Nathan Bosley (‘23) shares what he would like to see this year in men’s fashion. “I just like the casual stuff. Not too much, maybe like a chain or something with the suit,” he says. “The flashy suits are low-key nice too — a few people can pull it off”. I don’t know a thing about men’s fashion, but I would take his word. 

Prom night is already crazy, but pre-prom plans are just as hectic as prom night itself. Getting ready for the event is a whole different experience. “I’m picking up my boutonnière, getting my nails done, and I’m cutting my hair and getting it styled,” Alana shares. This might just be a girl thing, but there is SO much to do before prom. Not to even mention meeting up with a group of friends and taking pictures. “I’m going to a friend’s house to take pictures, then we’re driving to the dance”, says Nathan.

Just as a public service announcement: try not to go to the Rose Garden at the Capitol. EVERYONE goes there. This includes other schools whose prom is on the same night. Going to a friend’s house or a park is always a good option. 

You may be asking; when should I arrive at the Grand Sheraton Hotel after I take pictures with my group? I was wondering this myself, so I asked Mrs. Powers on her opinion. “It’s strongly recommended to arrive no later than 6:30”, she says. “We’ll even start checking in as early as 5:45.” There is no reserved seating at the venue, and it is definitely first come, first serve. “We will let you hold seats until six forty-five, but if people aren’t there by 6:45, we’re going to need to give up all the seats that are available because then people are going to start arriving that don’t have anywhere to go.”

If you are anything like me and are always running late to events, trust me, you do not want to be late to this one. There is a large parking garage directly across the street from the hotel that is $15 for the whole evening. There is also valet parking service that the hotel provides that is $37 dollars for the whole evening. Both are fine options, but I would recommend the parking garage because it is very easily accessible from the hotel. Whatever option you choose, make sure to come prepared with a credit card or an ATM card.

CB does not have prom court/royalty, but there is a whole lot more to be excited about. “I am excited to dance”, says Lily Jensen (‘23). “I’m looking forward to socializing and seeing our class. It’s going to be a huge party with all the people we spent four years with.” As a senior myself, it is definitely going to be bittersweet seeing our class celebrate prom for the last time. But for now, we’ll save the sappy thoughts for after graduation.

I hope that after reading this article, you are able to successfully have a wonderful night. Prom is only one of the most talked about events of the year, so make the most out of it and have fun! Wishing everyone a memorable and safe prom!

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