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Holy Moly What A Goalie!

I have known Logan Tiska (’23) for four years. For those four years, I have been constantly amazed by her — I have never met anyone like her. She is good at almost everything she does, yet, I have never heard her brag once, something that is not ordinary for a teenager. Logan Tiska is […]

I have known Logan Tiska (’23) for four years. For those four years, I have been constantly amazed by her — I have never met anyone like her. She is good at almost everything she does, yet, I have never heard her brag once, something that is not ordinary for a teenager. Logan Tiska is good — no, GREAT — at singing, water polo, and everything academics. She is one of the most kindhearted, talented people I have ever known.

So when I chose to write this article, I procrastinated because I was scared it would not do Logan justice. I was scared that this great person would be let down by this article. I hope she’s not.

Most people know about Logan through water polo, as she is the best goalie Christian Brothers women’s water polo has ever had. Even though she is first in the nation for saves per MaxPreps, contrary to popular belief, Logan’s first year being a water polo goalie was freshmen year, as she did anything she could do get on varsity.

“I thought everybody who was cool wore a letterman jacket with a varsity letter,” she recalled. “So I did absolutely whatever I could to get on varsity.”

Logan has a lot of responsibilities as a goalie, some of the main ones being not letting the ball in the goal, leading the team, and most importantly, keeping the team’s morale high.

“She’s always trying to take coach’s input and get along with her teammates. She likes to be the branch between the coach and her teammates. She’s always trying to get us in the pool on time, and we always know who to ask and feel comfortable asking if we don’t want to approach coach with many questions,” fellow captain Linnea Fulton (‘24) says. “Logan runs the team.”

Logan acknowledges the hardships she faces as being a goalie. From her own dad, she hears the classic comment of “Are you sure you don’t want to play in field?!” Scoring is not everything, especially to Logan. Logan prefers being a goalie more as she is not one to love all the attention.

“I like to not necessarily have all the fame because if you win by like seven, no one really cares about what the goalie did,” the senior says. “I don’t like too much attention, so I like being goalie.”

Not only did water polo help her find a passion, it also helped her find a community. Being a freshmen is hard in general, but it is especially hard when you do not know anybody going into a new school. For Logan, water polo allowed her to feel a sense of community, something every freshmen strives for.

Just like how she is at being a goalie, Logan is ranked first in being a friend.

“She’s an amazing friend because she will always make sure you are okay,” Ruthie Palko (‘23) says. “She wants everyone to be happy, and she’s always available to talk to. She is everything good that makes up a great friend.”

Logan has not only made a forever impact on all CB water polo teams, but also her friends. At the water polo award ceremony, the whole crowd was in tears for Logan receiving her much deserved MVP award. She had the JV girls, boys team, and varsity girls on their feet hollering and screaming for her. Logan is a CB Water Polo celebrity.

If being a star goalie was not enough to impress you, maybe her singing abilities will. Logan has been in choir for all four years of high school, where she has developed an appreciation for music. Logan often finds patience with water polo through music.

“Even today at practice, I was getting frustrated because I was not doing well, but when coach started playing music and I was singing, I wasn’t frustrated anymore,” Logan explains.

Being in choir for all her years at high school, she has developed a close relationship with her teacher, Director of Choral Music Mr. Christian Bohm. Not only does Logan have a great voice, she also is a great student in class.

“When she’s in a choral class, her eyes are on me, wide eyed, ready to learn, ready to soak up, ready to listen, and probably one of the best [students] I’ve had,” Mr. Bohm says,

Logan may not love all the attention being goalie, but she does love performing. “I love performing but I don’t like performing in front of small groups of friends because I feel like they are going to judge me — even though they won’t. I absolutely love performing in front of really big groups of people.”

Logan performing at Open House

Although Logan is humble, her teachers believe she should not be.

“I am really going to miss her when she graduates,” Mr. Bohm said. “She’s got one of the best voices that I’ve taught in 28 years. She’s just a really great student and I am really grateful I met her. I know she has a really great future. I hope she keeps singing all the way through her life.”

If water polo AND singing weren’t enough for you to be impressed, she’s also an excellent and distinguished student.

Even through classes on Microsoft Teams her sophomore year, she made an impact on her classmates and teachers. Mrs. Kelly Safford, Logan’s math teacher during sophomore year, says that Logan is “positive energy” and goes further to say.

“The first time I saw her was on Teams and she was fully present and so comfortable on Teams, it was kind of crazy,” Mrs. Safford says. “There’s a real confidence that she has ,but she’s so modest at the same time.”

Whether it be through water polo, singing, or school, Logan has truly left her mark on CB. Although she doesn’t know yet, wherever Logan ends up for college they will be truly lucky to have her there. Plain and simple, Logan truly exemplifies everything a Lasallian student should be.

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