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A Falcon & His Fleeting Football Frenzy

With the delayed football season officially coming to an end, a lot of students and staff on campus eagerly look forward to what next season has to offer. But for the seniors, this was our final farewell to fan favorites like Friday Night Lights and warm embraces from teammates after a solid win. For some […]

With the delayed football season officially coming to an end, a lot of students and staff on campus eagerly look forward to what next season has to offer. But for the seniors, this was our final farewell to fan favorites like Friday Night Lights and warm embraces from teammates after a solid win. For some insight on the team and the senior athlete perspective, I looked towards Jacob Yee (‘21), who played on the team as one of their kickers this year.

Jacob and I have known each other since our kindergarten days at St. Robert, and he’s always shown the most apparent perseverance in any other person I’ve seen. When it comes to things like school, a sport he’s playing, a hobby he’s picked up, or even just being a good friend, Jacob has always carried his own weight and always been somebody others can count on.

After all these years of knowing him, I genuinely cannot recall a time when he has willingly given up on an objective of his, and he’s always picking up new ones as well. This has proven to be especially true with his football endeavors, as he participated in the football his freshmam year, but didn’t decide to make a return to the sport until his final year at CB.

Jacob and I at our kindergarten promotion — we plan to recreate this photo at our graduation.

Along with his perseverance comes Jacob’s natural athleticism, so kicking a football comes naturally easy to him. With the announcement of the varsity football season taking place and the absence of a kicker, Jacob had other team players as well as Head Coach John Wiley encouraging him to play for a final farewell.

”It’s senior year, so why not?” the near graduate says enthusiastically, “It’s easy, I’m good at it, and the coaches are telling me to play, so why wouldn’t I?”

Along with the senior year varsity experience, Jacob claims the season also allowed him to get a better understanding of the amount of effort that goes into a high school football season. “With Covid, I thought the season would be pretty easy and basic, but then once I joined, I realized how much work, practice and energy goes into football, especially at the varsity level.”

Alongside all of the hard work and devotion that the players bring to the table, there’s the overall genuine enjoyment of playing the sport that the team bonds over the most, so the community feel that’s created between players is amplified when you’re aware it’s your last high school season. With this said, Jacob absolutely encourages incoming seniors to get out on the field.

“The coaches love seniors, especially when you’re on varsity, so it makes up a really fun time,” the senior advises, “and as long as you’re half athletic or coordinated you’ll have fun. Just show up and have a good attitude.”

When it comes to the senior’s future plans, he’s currently undecided on his college as he waits to hear back from schools and claims that although pursuing football isn’t his number one priority, it’s always crossing his mind.

“If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll look into it, but I’m not going to go out of my way for it.”

A candid shot of the kicker in question during his senior night game.

With his varsity football season behind him, Jacob looks towards graduation as his next objective to tackle. It can be a really bittersweet feeling knowing that we’ll be leaving the place where we’ve been so comfortable for the past four years, especially when it feels like it has been much shorter time.

”It’s an end of an era type of feeling,” Jacob describes. “It’s making me sad to leave behind so many cool people I’ve met, but I’m excited to go on my own and start living life as an adult.”

While Jacob looks forward to graduating and moving onto new endeavors, his largest support system comes from his mother, Heather Gostovich. She describes watching Jacob grow as a surreal experience.

“His growing up into adulthood happened in the blink of an eye,” she says. “ When I look at him, I see the young, innocent, carefree little boy, but then realize he is 18 now and ready to take on the world.”

Heather describes Jacob’s persona on the field is very similar as to when he’s off the field. Jacob has always been of competitive nature and a lot of that comes from his desire to never disappoint or let anyone down that’s close to him.

“He likes to motivate his peers, and I saw him doing that at all the games.” Ms. Gostovich says, “ As his team members came off the field, he was always the first one to high five them and congratulate them for a play well done.”

As we turn the corner on the brink of graduation, Jacob’s mother looks forward to him finding his passion and enjoying what the future holds. College is a lot about independence and self discovery, and she is ecstatic that she gets to witness him take on opportunities of his choice not only as his mother, but as his supporter too.

“I can’t wait to see what path he chooses and how he uses everything he has learned so far in life, school, relationships, and more to help guide him.”

For both Jacob and I, our experiences at CB have been some of the most enjoyable years of our life, and it’s hard to say goodbye when a big portion of our final moments spent together were hijacked by a pandemic, but nonetheless worthwhile and cherished.

“Enjoy it. Have a good time,” Jacob advises. “At one point you’ll probably hate it — I think everyone does when it comes to high school. But you’re only there for a certain amount of time, and believe me when I say that it goes by insanely quick.”

People always tell you that your senior year goes by in the blink of an eye, but you never really understand until you’re living it. To all of those lower classmen and incoming seniors, from Jacob and I to you, it’s never too late to start cherishing these times we spend together as peers and as an overall community that CB offers to all for us.

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