CB March Horoscopes: Finding All The Puzzle Pisces

Not only has 2020 began a new decade, but 2020 also holds many rare planetary transits in one year, meaning lots of opportunities, as well as some struggles. March begins with Pisces season, so some of you may feel a bit more in touch with your emotions than usual — and that’s okay! Pisces season […]

Not only has 2020 began a new decade, but 2020 also holds many rare planetary transits in one year, meaning lots of opportunities, as well as some struggles. March begins with Pisces season, so some of you may feel a bit more in touch with your emotions than usual — and that’s okay! Pisces season allows us to reacquaint ourselves with our feelings and brings us quiet, dreamy wisdom that can also motivate us to get closer with loved ones.

March 19 marks the start of Spring and Aries season! We will begin to feel a new fresh start and may feel more encouraged to shed some insecurities to accomplish our goals with more confidence. March also starts while Pisces is in Mercury Retrograde (first retrograde of 2020), so some may be feeling a little bit off, but nothing sunny Spring can’t help. We will also be expecting March’s full moon, the Worm Moon on March 9. March is upon us and has lots in store for us fabulous CB students. Continue reading to find out what to expect for your sign this month!

It’s a special month for Aries and your season is vastly approaching with lots to look forward to! You’re entering March during Pisces season, so this has been a good time to spend time alone and take some self care time or rest. March 3, Venus, which rules your relationships and how we choose lovers, squares off with Saturn. This means you may experience a more charming mood and want to get out there more, yet Saturn will make sure you maintain balance and stay focused.

On March 8, the sun meets Neptune while Venus meets Uranus, bringing lots of clarity and a good time to think about what you want and set your goals. For Aries seniors out there, with college decisions coming out, this may help you sit down and really ponder where you see yourself in the future. Thankfully, Mercury Retrograde ends March 9, the same night as the full Worm Moon that rules Virgo. This can help make sense of some of the annoying miscommunications during retrograde and separate fact from fiction.

Your big day is March 19! The blessed solar return of Aries season and the heavenly start of spring. You’re going to be in your full element and really feel in charge. Shortly after, on March 2, Saturn enters Aquarius, a very good time to get involved and use your voice! For those just allowed to start voting, I encourage you to get involved and use this time and privilege to implement the change you desire. Aries often aren’t afraid to be confrontational and up front with their feeling, though this may come off as bossy or aggressive, so be wise on March 23 with how you come off to others because Mars meets Pluto allowing you to feel fierce and ready for whatever comes your way. Happy Aries season!

March has much to look forward to for hardworking Taurus and brings more time to develop connections and deepen friendships. Beginning March in Pisces season, the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules your social life, so spend some more time with friends and let them know how much you appreciate them if you don’t already!.New opportunities might arise to join groups who share the same visions for the future as you — don’t be afraid to try new things with new people or put yourself out there, Taurus.

On March 3, your ruling planet Venus clashes with Saturn. This might push you to say no to things that may be hard to say no to, creating a good time for breaking some bad habits. March 9 is the first full moon of the year, bringing high chances of feeling more emotional, so go out with friends to lighten up your mood. On March 16, Mercury enters Pisces ,boosting your confidence and forming even greater connections. This month is all about your social life, so use this social boost to catch up with some friends you’ve been meaning to and appreciating.

On March 19, Spring and Aries season begin. Taurus are typically busy bees and always on the go with work, so use the Aries energy to unplug and recharge from the public eye. Though this is a social time, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself. On March 21, Saturn is in Aquarius, boosting your leadership skills and making it easier to deal with any hard work, making tasks seem less difficult to begin and finish. The month ends with Venus connecting with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28. Jupiter is all about growth while Pluto encourages depth. Expect good deep connections with people and easy conversations.Good luck, have fun, and don’t work too hard!

Welcome to March, Gemini! As you enter March in Pisces season, the sun is lighting up the part of your chart that dictates your career and reputation, and with Mercury in Retrograde, you may catch yourself looking for a different approach to the direction of your life. You may be deciding what you really want to do for you and who can help you achieve these personal goals.

On March 3, Venus clashes with Saturn in Capricorn, creating a good time to stand your ground and thinking about what friends and groups you want to be entangled with. On March 4, your ruling planet Mercury enters Aquarius again while Venus enters Taurus. This bring lots of social energy, but as chatty as you are, it may also invite some quiet and calm moments that you will really appreciate. Geminis are very logical and straightforward, so on March 9, when the full moon arrives, more information may come to light and your logical thinking can help deal with this news.

Jumping to March 19, Aries season and Spring is resurrected. Aries season brings a lot of responsibility, and as the sun connects with Saturn during this time too, you may notice a lot of friends and family supporting you and pushing you to keep working hard. On March 21, Saturn enters Aquarius, one of the biggest and most important transits of the year. Saturn is the planet of fear, discipline, and responsibilities, so while you may feel overwhelmed, Aquarius loves solving problems and this energy can make you feel super goal oriented and eager. It also inspires you to join movements or surround yourself with groups that resonate more with you, and disconnect with some that no longer do.

Lucky energy is in the air on March 28 as Venus connects with Jupiter and Pluto. This energy can help you reach for some resources that can really benefit you right now. On March 30, Mars enters Aquarius, giving you a big boost of energy and helping you March 31 as Mars meets Saturn. A new cycle of life is beginning, asserting boundaries and cutting ties that no longer hold meaning to you. This means stepping away from arguments and situations not worth your time. You may love debating Gemini, but you’re ending your month with a clear mind and no patience for those close minded.

Aloha, Cancer, and a sunny welcome to March! March has lots in store for you regarding relationships. As you experience Pieces season at the beginning of March , the sun is lighting up the sector of your chart that rules travel and deep learning, but sadly, Mercury Retrograde may be interrupting some communication and delay any commuting. It’s a messy time for you as well on March 4, when Mercury connects with Venus, bringing a social atmosphere, but maybe not the one in mind as people from your past pop up. However, Venus also enters Taurus that day, finding it easy for you to mingle. The full moon that rules Virgo occurs on March 9, bringing a breakthrough in certain relationships and communications. The full moon is all about illumination, so whatever has been brewing during Pisces season will finally reach the surface; whether it’s a conversation that hasn’t been fully discussed or a situation not dealt with, it’s finally going to reach closure.

On March 16, Mercury re-enters Pisces. Any delays from that retrograde can ease up concerning communications and traveling. On March 19, Aries season starts bringing lots of responsibility and maturity. As the sun lights up the sector of your chart regarding fame and fortune, you can find yourself in the spotlight more often, and focusing on yourself and any goals is a huge theme now. Take advantage of this time to be aggressive and confident with what you want in your life.

On March 23, you may notice your partners becoming more aggressive and almost bossy, but don’t be afraid to set boundaries. Mars is the planet of war while Pluto is the planet of destruction; really dive into your feelings during this time as some endings to relationships or situations need to take place.

On March 24, a new moon enters Aries, and this starts a new cycle for your career and reputation. Aries season will help you lean into natural leadership skills and assert fresh starts. Venus starts to flirt with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28, so lots of generosity will be coming your way from this energy of Venus. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and spoil yourself during this time. On March 30 and 31, you end the month with Mars entering Aquarius and meeting Saturn. This will help you emotionally less afraid to ask what you want from relationships. You may feel ready to move on and detach yourself from old baggage from the past that may be weighing you down emotionally. Be ready to feel more free as you drop this weight off your mind and deal with any relationship.

Welcome to March, Leo! Pisces season has focused on the sector of your chart that allows you to release a lot of emotional baggage. This can be quite relieving and give you a boost to face your fears of the unknown. You’re in a great time and space to handle a lot of issues on your mind, so use it! You start the month focusing your energy and time on goals important to you as Venus enters Aries while Saturn is in Capricorn on March 3. Mars connects with Neptune and the sun connects with Pluto on March 14; a cooperative and transforming energy fills the air and is important for you to let go of the past and old baggage that you may be carrying with you. Don’t let these things bring you down anymore — move on and allow yourself to grow.

On March 21, a very important transit of the year occurs as Saturn enters your opposite sign, Aquarius. Saturn rules rules relationships and commitment, so this brings a clear understanding of your own boundaries. A key to this transit is diving into what you want for yourself in a deeper level. It’s always important to know what you want and this transit is even better for you to figure that out.

On March 23, the warrior planet Mars meets Pluto. This is a mighty destructive duo and can be chaos if you don’t use this energy wisely. You may feel more aggressive on tackling issues regarding work and your own wellness, being more concerned about what makes you happy is important right now.

I hope Pisces season hasn’t been too difficult for you, as this has been an important time for your relationships and future. Pisces season has allowed you to dive deep in what you really want from some relationships and how committed you actually are. On March 3, Venus clashes with Saturn, and while Venus loves pleasure, Saturn’s energy is constantly making you worried about tomorrow. This is forcing you to think about what you really want to spend your time and energy on, especially with relationships.

On March 9, your full moon arrives. bringing climax to certain situations that haven’t been dealt with. This may been because of Pisces season, a confusing time for you, as a lot of clarity has been missing. On March 11, the sun meets Jupiter and a joyous energy surrounds you. This energy can encourage you to delve deeper in romantic interests and not be afraid to invest your time in creative projects or habits that you’ve been interested in.

The biggest planetary transit of the year occurs on March 21, as Saturn enters its ruling planet Aquarius. You may feel interested in creating a healthier day to day routine and feel more productive. Use this productive energy to work even harder and arrange your schedule to be more supportive of your personal goals. You may feel it’s easier to stay on task as the new moon enters Aries on March 24. Aries energy can make you feel brave and independent and easier to face your fears — encouraging a care free approach to life. March is easy going for you, Virgo; use this energy to take time to relax in the midst of your hard work.

Hello and welcome to March, Libra! Pisces season sheds a light on your chart that allows you to reflect deeply and alter your expectations and what you’re committed to. On March 9, the first full moon of the year finally rises, running emotions very deep. Any repressed feelings you’ve been holding in are about to hit the surface. Don’t be afraid to deal with these strong emotions — feel them deeply so you can move on from them.

On March 20, the day after the official start of Spring, you may feel an urge to kick out the old and bring out the new. Spring cleaning never hurts — allow yourself to make space for new adventures and exciting opportunities. March 21 is an important day as Saturn enters ruling planet Aquarius. This is a two and a half year cycle, and you’ll feel more encouraged to settle down and become more focused. Libras love to party and can sometimes have multiple crushes they love to talk to, but this transit is cutting that interest in wasteful habits. You’ll feel more attracted to a calmer lifestyle of settling down and healthier habits. This month will have you more committed to one person or project close to heart. It’s an important time to decide what’s serious for you and focus on that.

Pisces season has made you focused on the romantic and creative sector of your chart, this means reconnecting with old flames and going back to projects you were once very focused on. On March 8, the sun meets Neptune in Pisces while Venus meets Uranus. This is an important growth period, and I encourage you to be flexible with your trust — stop being so hesitant!

Expect some drama on March 9 as Virgo’s full moon arrives. A climax to a certain situation in your social may arise, so prepare and keep your cool. Mars meets Pluto on March 23, Mars is the warrior planet and may stir up some tough conversations. Don’t be cruel when approaching these conversations — try to be open minded when dealing with frustrating conversations or people. On March 24, a new moon enters Aries. Use this energy from the moon to push yourself to try something new in your routine and develop healthier habits.

Pisces season has had a lot in store for you regarding home and family life. Mercury Retrograde may be making you feel more nostalgic and revisiting memories of the past, but on March 9, you find yourself finally dealing with the past and outgrowing patterns that don’t support you. In this process, attempt trying something new to encourage breaking those habits as the sun meets Neptune and Venus meets Uranus.

Though you’ve been focusing much of Pisces season on your family and home life, Aries season begins March 19, causing a shift in your mood and encouraging fun outside the comfort of your home. On March 21, Saturn meets Aquarius in the most important transit of the year. This transit shows you the importance of commitments and keeping promises — while you’re very good at being straight forward and honest, this energy will also teach you to think before you speak and maybe be less harsh in some ways. The new moon in Aries on March 24 adds this to this careful thinking and can make you feel sweeter with an open heart. This is a good time to connect deeply with a crush and invite these generous and sweet energies in your life. You end March when Mars meets Saturn on the 31, demanding patience and slowing down so you’re able to focus better on yourself and goals.


Oh intellectual Capricorn, Pisces season rules the sector of your chart that rules your mind. This has offered a lot of time for introspection and encouraged you to slow down with your thoughts. Pisces season can be very emotional and dreamy, which is tough for the logical and intellectual thinking within Capricorn. There’s been a good balance between reality and your imagination.

On March 11, the sun connects with Jupiter. While the sun controls your ego and Jupiter’s all about growth, there is lots of exciting energy for you lately, bringing great opportunities. Though you may be feeling in your element, try not to be overconfident, Capricorn. An important date of the year occurs on March 21, when Saturn enters Aquarius and forces you to be more responsible financially during this two and half year cycle. You’ll feel more mature about material matters and wiser about what you’re spending money on. If you use this cycle well with managing your finances, you can find yourself achieving your goal of wealth. Love is growing within you as Venus connects with with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28. A more indulgent atmosphere surrounds you, finding yourself more creative and in depth with your feelings and emotions in certain relationships.


You start March in Pisces season, and this has been a time for lots of introspection and a slower pace than you may be used to. On March 8, the sun meets Neptune in Pisces and Venus meets your ruling planet Uranus. This is when dreams become reality and a higher creativity and freedom is in the air. On March 9, there’s the first full moon of the year in Virgo — this can help you clean up some messes you made financially in retrograde and also make you feel more secure with your partner.

March 14 is an important time as Mars connects with Neptune and the sun connects with Pluto. This can help you understand how your imagination affects your reality. If you often catch yourself making irrational assumptions regarding how people think of you or spending money on things you don’t necessarily need, this transit can help you grow out of that and face reality. You may feel more inclined to trust your gut on March 20, and this strong intuition can help you feel grounded.

A very very important day for you Aquarius is March 21, as ruling planet Saturn enters Aquarius. You will feel fully in your element and shine brighter than ever before in this two and half year period. You’ll feel yourself standing up for your own standards, rather than others. The new moon in Aries can clean up some of the mess from Retrograde on March 24, bringing clear and decisive energy. On March 30 and 31, you may come off more intimidating than you already seem as Mars enters Aquarius and meets Saturn. You’ll feel a boost in your already high energy and encourage boundaries and standards you want to set.

You are starting March in your season and fully in your element, Pisces! You have been feeling energized and recharged this season and will feel an even better boost in your intuition as the sun meets your ruling planet Neptune and Venus on March 8. This transit offers more stability in your relationships and encourages change in some that you don’t feel strong in.

On March 16, Mercury re-enters Pisces and brings you more in touch with your knowledge, allowing you to feel even greater at expressing yourself. This is a psychic energy Pisces can feel with their strong and creative intuition. Trust your gut during this time and act on it! Your season comes to an end March 19 when Aries season begins. Aries season will have more focus on yourself financially and reach that security in wealth you’ve been working to achieve.

On March 21, it’s a big day as Saturn enters ruling planet Aquarius. In this two and half year transit, you will examine your subconscious on a deeper level, and inner-work on your mind and habits is encouraged and will be extremely beneficial for your growth. You end the month recharging and resting as Mars enters Aquarius on March 30. A better routine for your self care is encouraged and don’t be afraid to catch up on sleep or have some lazy time.

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