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Caty Is Our Lady!

  Alarm goes off. School bell rings. Class starts. School ends. Homework begins. Repeat. This is just a typical weekday for the average CB student. But throw in volleyball, a club team, ASB, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and a commitment to Sacramento State and you have senior Catherine June Cordano (’19). Caty has been attending […]


Alarm goes off. School bell rings. Class starts. School ends. Homework begins. Repeat. This is just a typical weekday for the average CB student. But throw in volleyball, a club team, ASB, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and a commitment to Sacramento State and you have senior Catherine June Cordano (’19).

Caty has been attending CB for the past four years and is a loving sister, member of Student Council as ASB President, Varsity Volleyball Team co-Captain, member of the Lunch Club, 4.0 student and scholar athlete, and somehow she manages to eat meals in between it all. Somehow in the midst of all of this craziness, Caty is able to balance it all while having a social life outside of school as well.

Two days a the week, Caty finds herself at school at 7 AM to lead student council meetings. On weekends, she dedicates her time to homework, college applications, and club volleyball, rarely finding a spare moment to hang out with some friends. On days when she is sick, she mentions that “it is really hard to catch up, but it’s manageable”.

Caty Cordano and her club volleyball team Five Stars.

The volleyball superstar is verbally committed to Sac State for Division I volleyball. She began her volleyball career at Holy Spirit Parish School, which she attended from kindergarten to 8th grade. Then went on to play at 5 Stars Volleyball Club, a prestigious competitive travel team in Davis. She continued her Volleyball career in high school at CB competing at the Varsity level since her sophomore year. Since then, she has working her tail off to play volleyball at the collegiate level.

“I never thought I was going to play D-I volleyball — I was going to play D-III” she says. After the libero on her comp team got injured, Caty stepped in and got exposure to many different colleges through her comp team. Shortly after, Sac State gave her an offer. She wasn’t sure if Sac State was the right place for her because of how close it is to home, but after meeting the team and learning about the academics and business program on her official visit, she realized she will receive the full college experience at Sac State.

Caty Cordano and sister Ali pose for volleyball pictures.

“I’ll be living in the dorms and I’ll be close to [her sister] Ali so it’s a win-win,” she adds with a smile.

Caty’s sister Ali Cordano (’20) has played a huge role in her life. Over the years, Caty and Ali have gotten extremely close. They have the same friends and even play on the same sports teams.

“Our sisterly bond is like no one else’s,” Ali says. “We are so open with each other, and I consider her my best friend. We do almost everything together, and I’m really going to miss her next year when she goes off to college.”

Caty loves that Ali plays Varsity Volleyball with her, which has made her senior year one of the best years of CB varsity volleyball. Ali in turn also believes that this has been one of her favorite years playing at CB because “playing wih my sister is a lot of fun, and whenever I mess up, she helps me shake it off, then we both laugh about it.

Although attending Sac State allows Caty to be in a close vicinity to her sister, Ali expresses that she is “ really sad that she’s going to college because we’ve spent almost every day together and I can’t imagine not being able to wake up and go see her”.

Similar to her sister, Caty mentions that it will be different since she is not living with her anymore, but that her and Ali are close enough so that they could easily grab a meal together or cheer on each other at sporting events.

“I know that she will come see me a lot,” Caty added.

Volleyball is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to extracurricular activities for Caty. She has been a member of Student Council at CB for all four years and is currently CB’s ASB President. What prompted Caty to run for student council was actually losing her 8th Grade Presidental Election. This only made her want to be a member of student council the following year at CB. She interviewed in front of Student Council Moderators Mrs. Rose Ann Holmes and Mrs. Annie Vanenburg, and then the next thing she knew, she was a member of Freshman Council.

“Since freshman year, [Student Council] exposed me to a lot of upperclassmen, and I really enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people not just in my class, but also in the school,” she said proudly. “I knew it was something I wanted to continue with throughout high school.”

Being ASB President is no easy job. She has to run all of the student council meetings and plan events such as rallies and Homecoming week with the rest of ASB.

“[Student Council] is a lot of work, but definitely worth it.” she says. To Caty, ASB is extremely different then class councils. Caty mentions that ASB provides a much “different perspective of being in charge of Student Council rather just following.”

Now well into her senior year, Caty is already finding herself swimming in school work. She mentions how school was really hard at the start of the year.

“Everything was hitting me at once — school, volleyball, club volleyball, student council, schoolwork, Homecoming, and hanging with friends. I found it really hard to balance everything, so when I got free time, I always tried to take a nap or catch up on schoolwork.”

Caty loves all of her teachers this year and is enjoying everything senior year has had to offer. Her teachers have played a key role in helping her through the process of balancing her busy lifestyle. Caty spoke very highly of Mr. Rolf Schumann as a “huge help in the classroom and a supporter of the volleyball team”. He has helped her with math numerous times and been a substantial advocate of her volleyball career. Her favorite teachers Mrs. Maureen Wanket and Ms. Amy Neff are “really supportive teachers that teach her a lot”. Without the help of these teachers, she would find herself very lost in her studies and in learning how to balance it all.

Senior year has been one of Caty’s favorite at CB. She looks forward to a successful rest of the year and is very excited for graduation and the rest of her CB journey. She is overjoyed for signing day on November 14th, where she can finally put pen to paper and be a member Sac State’s D-I volleyball team. She will be greatly missed by the CB community for all of her hard work on Student Council, Varsity Volleyball and Lunch Club. With all of the guidance CB has given her, we are sure to expect very big things from Caty Cordano.

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