Haute At Hughes

(illustration by Joaquin Romero) Many see Holy Bowl as one of the biggest football games of the year, but others see it as a runway to express themselves through their school spirit. Painted red and blue overalls, one piece swimsuits as bodysuits, and handmade CB tube-tops — these are just a few of the creative […]

(illustration by Joaquin Romero)

Many see Holy Bowl as one of the biggest football games of the year, but others see it as a runway to express themselves through their school spirit. Painted red and blue overalls, one piece swimsuits as bodysuits, and handmade CB tube-tops — these are just a few of the creative outfit ideas over the past few years students have come up with to show their team spirit. Every year the styles get better.

Juniors Grace, Sage, and Marissa pose for a picture in their outfits before the varsity game.

The Talon sat down with CB students Sage Ness (‘20), Grace Ramirez (‘20), Marissa Adolphson (‘20), and Malia Weinstroer (‘20) to see why so much effort is put into picking the perfect outfit and just how much planning is put in to look so great.

From an outside perspective, it is easy to wonder why students go over the top with their outfits as it is just a high school football game against the rival. But it isn’t just a rivalry high school football game — it is the social event of the year for Catholic high schools in Sacramento. People from different high schools all over come to watch us take on our rival, the Jesuit Marauders, so it is understandable that one may want to look better than average or stand out in front of a couple thousand fellow spectators.

But I can’t help but wonder: where did the idea of outrageous outfits come from and why has it become the norm and such a momentous part of Holy Bowl Culture for CB students?

“I think it’s one of the only ways to show your fashion style outside of school dress codes, so making a good impression on people from your school who don’t really see you outside of kaki pants and a college sweatshirt lets people see more of your sense of style, also its just fun to dress up with so much spirit,” Sage says .“This is the one game that everyone enjoys getting decked out in CB gear. The rivalry between Jesuit gives us more reason to show our spirit and it shows how much fun we have going all out with outfits. Even if we don’t win the game, in school spirit we outweigh them by a lot.”

The stereotypical attire for girls on the Jesuit Galley Crew side at Holy Bowl is skinny jeans and the tiniest white tank top or crop top available. Aside from the score, our outfits are what makes us stand out.

Malia’s outfit was truly unique as she decided on a less popular outfit choice.

Juniors Emily Hancock and Annika Pu bleed blue in their creative outfits.

“I wore American flag chubbies and a lax penny [lacrosse tank top] I borrowed from a friend, and my white converse high tops,” she said.

Grace decided to go in a different direction, using her accessories and hair style to amp up her look.

“This year at Holy Bowl I wore a blue off the shoulder top, jean shorts, white high tops, blue necklaces, and put my hair in braided pigtails with glitter down my hair part,” the junior says.

While many may not suspect it, it can be a stressful task to plan out and create a unique Holy Bowl outfit, especially when you wait till the last minute. Many students choose to order their outfits online, while others make their outfits by hand and put their own personal flare on it. Either way, the stakes are high and with one wrong move, you could be left with a less than average Holy Bowl outfit.

“My outfit was pretty last minute, so it took me about a day to plan out,” Sage stated. “I decided to wear a blue CB shirt from the student store that I had, a white corduroy skirt from Forever 21, and my Nike Air Force 1s. I got my inspiration from college sororities and seeing what they wear to college football games.”

“I pretty much already had an idea of what i wanted to wear the morning of,” Grace added. “I really wanted a simple top and shorts and just go out with the jewelry.”

Just like every season comes with new trends, so does each Holy Bowl. In past years, some of these trends have included iridescent leggings, CB swimsuits as bodysuits, huge white overalls, and other jean pieces of clothing that have been painted and personalized to reflect CB spirit. While these trends are undoubtedly still present in Holy Bowl fashion this year, new trends have arrived and are sure to stick around for the next few big game days.

“I think really popular trends for the girls is tailoring the regular CB shirts into tube tops and other styles. I also saw some really cute skirts that the girls made out of shirts which I thought was super creative,” Grace says. “And for the boys, I think it depends on how spirited they choose to be. I mostly saw them wear just a CB shirt and shorts, but the more spirited boys definitely go out more and wear the craziest outfits.”

“I think fanny packs and Nike Air Force 1s were pretty popular this year,” Marissa added. “I also saw a lot of people wearing cheerleading skirts and tube tops.”

Some Seniors show off their outfits in the front of the student section as they get ready to lead the Falcons in Holy Bowl cheers.

Walking past the student section, it is clear that some students put a little more effort into their outfits than others. These students with absurdly unique outfits happen to be the upperclassmen. Becoming upperclassmen is like crossing the threshold — not only are you the leaders of the school, but you are opened up endless opportunities for Holy Bowl fashion.

“Us juniors and seniors have seen how the previous classes have have put their own touch on outfits and it makes us want to do the same,” Grace says. “We know how to be a bit more creative and daring than the lowerclassmen with our outfits because we have had more experience. We also know how to add school spirit into regular clothes. For example, one of my favorite outfits this year were the tie dye shirts that girls tailored or cut. They were so creative and fun to make.”

Marissa concludes with the fact that since we are older now, there are only so many more Holy Bowls to attend as a student at CB.

“I feel we have more experience on how to dress and start to create trends for the lowerclassmen. We are more outgoing and since we are nearing our last years as students at Holy Bowl, we feel we should go all out because we don’t have much time left at CB.”

No matter the outfit or grade level, it is clear that students at CB are not afraid to show their school spirit in stylish and fashionable ways.

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