Migoscopes: What’s Your Sign? (Woo)

  The end of the school year is approaching and it is definitely a stressful time for students. But we can learn more about what the final few weeks hold for us through horoscopes and some wonderful words of wisdom from our friends, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff! Aries: March 21 – April 19 While others […]


(Illustration by Joaquin Romero)

The end of the school year is approaching and it is definitely a stressful time for students. But we can learn more about what the final few weeks hold for us through horoscopes and some wonderful words of wisdom from our friends, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff!

Aries: March 21 – April 19

While others may be done with school and already prepared for summer, you are still working hard. Finals are ahead and you are determined to ace every one of them. Yes, the weather is beautiful and sunny, but that doesn’t mean that the grind stops. Your energetic self helps you get through the last few late nights of the school year.

Migos Lyric: “Control the bag now (control it) no need to brag now (no need)” – “Stir Fry”

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

The end of the school year is a prime time for Tauruses. For the majority of the year, you have been pretty relaxed when it comes to school. Your organizational skills have helped you go through the school year smoothly. However, now that the end of the year is on the horizon, you snap out of your relaxed ways and take that saved up energy and use it to finish off the year strong! You know that your hard work will pay off in the end. Be careful though; don’t let your abundance of energy get out of hand. Don’t let your stubbornness cause you to strictly follow your set routines. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the tasks at hand, so be willing to take a well deserved break throughout the last few weeks.

Migos Lyric: “Just chill with me (chill)” – Slippery

Gemini: May 21-June 20

You love learning and knowing everything about everything. However, you can’t keep your knowledge to yourself. Working and collaborating with others is how you learn best. You could talk for hours with you classmates, but don’t let your chattiness get in the way of your studies. As you learn more, you become more motivated to learn even more and study harder.

Migos Lyric: “Call up the gang and they come and get ya (gang)” -” Bad and Boujee

Cancer: June 21-July 22

Borderline grades? Never heard of them. You hate the uneasiness of having a borderline grade, so you make sure those do not happen. 87 and 95 percents are what bring you comfort during the school year. You like everything to be consistent, so when the teacher announces that they finally put in all your assignments from the semester into PowerSchool, you get a little nervous that it will drastically change your grade. Emotions tend to play a large role in how you operate. You put a lot of effort into your studies, so teachers can also expect your work to be well thought out. Your friends know that they can always come to you for support during these stressful few weeks. You are always willing to help them study for a really hard final or just be there to listen to them.

Migos Lyric: “Boy got wisdom (wisdom)” – “Get Right Witcha”

Leo: July 23-August 22

Not only are you able to encourage yourself to do well during the upcoming weeks, you are able to influence others to do the same. You have a natural tendency to lead those around you. If you are taking these final weeks seriously, so will your classmates. Do not let your influence and trending ways get to your head though. You want to be seen as generous and courageous, not self-centered and arrogant. When that dreaded subject’s final approaches, you do not lose hope. You become stronger in the face of this adversity and make an effort to ask a teacher for help or create more time dedicated to studying.

Migos Lyric: “Walk it like I talk it” – “Walk It Like I Talk It”

Virgo: August 23-September 22

You are a hard working student. Teachers love your work ethic and your willingness to help your fellow classmates. You can be found studying for finals with your buds during lunch or doing homework after school. While you are fairly good at managing your time, sometimes you take on too much. Taking time to studying, tutoring others, and spending time with your friends can become overwhelming. Yes, it is important to keep up with your studies and socialize with others, but make sure to also make some time for yourself to relax. You love helping others, so why not help yourself?

Migos Lyric: “Came from dimes, no cosigns/ You can read between the lines/ Like a pro skater, did my own grinds” – “What the Price”

Libra: September 23-October 22

The scales of a Libra allow you to be all about balance and fairness. Your time management skills are impeccable. You are able to schedule time for school and your friends. You take great pride in your academic integrity, so a teacher will never find a Libra like you cheating. You love engaging in intellectual conversations with your peers. It allows you to gain more knowledge and perspective on an array of topics.

Migos lyric: “I’m havin’ the sauce in the refrigerator/ Just make sure you bring the chips” – “Culture:

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Your bravery helps you to face situations that many would turn away from. You are willing to stay up late and work hard on nights when there is so much work to get done. You go the extra mile on your assignments while others just try to fulfill the minimum requirements. Your more reserved personality gives you a tendency to choose to work alone. While your classmates may not notice, you often have a great passion for many of the subjects that you are studying. However, your passion may turn to a kind of obsession. Be careful and try not to become to caught up in one subject as it may keep you from moving on to the next.

Migos Lyric: “They think I’m dumb (dumb)/ They don’t know I see the plot (see it)” – “Slippery”

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

You love to uncover the truth. This motivates you to learn more and go more in depth with concepts that you are being taught. Your love for learning can sometimes cause you to become quickly disinterested in a topic after you think you’ve uncovered everything. You become interested in starting new projects, but sometimes it is hard for you to follow through. Your optimism helps you get through the stressful times of the fourth quarter and often rubs off onto those around you.

Migos Lyric: “This some, ‘You know, why don’t we know?’ (We know) / Hold out on that coffee” – “Walk It Like I Talk It”

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

As a Capricorn, you are devoted to your studies. While your peers shy away from their final projects, assignments, and tests, you take them on in a fearless way. You love your family and friends and count on them for support and care during the hectic last quarter of the school year. However, just remember that things may not always go as expected. You may have studied so hard for a test just to find out that you didn’t do as well as you thought. Don’t let this get you down. Stay hopeful and keep working hard!

Migos Lyric: “Addin’ up checks, no minus/ (Add it up, add it up, add it up, add it up, yeah)” – “Walk It Like I Talk It”

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

Being an Aquarius allows you to become very innovative. It is easy for you to find new and sometimes strange ways to study or approach a problem. You like to think about the future, which motivates you to work hard now in hopes that you will benefit from it in the future. You are comfortable doing your own thing when it comes to school and you even encourage others to do the same.

Migos Lyric: “They know I geek a lot.” – “Slippery”

Pisces: February 19-March 20

As a Pisces, you have a tendency to become very invested in what you are learning. Sometimes school can become overwhelming for you. All of this interesting information can seem like a lot, but you often time can find the best way to help yourself deal with these stressful situations that come with the end of the school year. Teachers love having you in class because they can always count on you to pay full attention to the lesson.

Migos lyric” “That’s the only way to plot/ Klay Thomp’, corner shot (brrr)/ Eight ball, corner pocket (ayy)” – “Call Casting”

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