Memories Are Only A Drive Away

With summer vacation only 41 school days away as of Friday, wanderlust fever is beginning to appear. But where are the best places to go that don’t cost a lot in travel expenses? Since summer is about relaxing and spending time with friends, it’s no question that sometimes day trips out of town are the […]

With summer vacation only 41 school days away as of Friday, wanderlust fever is beginning to appear. But where are the best places to go that don’t cost a lot in travel expenses? Since summer is about relaxing and spending time with friends, it’s no question that sometimes day trips out of town are the best ways to have some adventure without damaging your wallet or risking your work calendar. According to the CB community, here are some of the best spots to visit.

Taylor Barth ’18 (left), Caitlin Duncan ’18 (center), and family friend in front of the San Francisco hearts.

San Francisco

I love going to San Francisco and Pacifica to spend the day with family. Growing up in SF allowed me the opportunity to get to explore the city outside of the typical downtown SF scene.

My family spent a lot of time in the Sunset area, Miraloma area, and the outskirts of Downtown. Some of the best places to eat are Eric’s Chinese on Church St., Noriega St.’s Devil’s Teeth, Ocean Ave’s Ambrosia Bakery, Portola’s Tower Burger, and Khan Toke on Geary.

After being fed, some of the best places to visit would be Mt. Davidson, Stern Grove, The Windmill, and Sutro Baths. These places are all free and are great for Instagram pictures.

However, one thing that makes these places amazing is that they are the best places to create memories. All of these places have an emotional component that make them special and all involve family and friends.

Taylor Barth (‘18) also loves the Bay Area, and she enjoys going to Downtown San Francisco with her friends.  

“Going to San Francisco with Caitlin Duncan (’18) and Anne (outside friend) was fun, cause we had a great time and I always look at the Alcatraz photo fondly,” she says. Also going to the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus and the Westfield Mall is always eventful.

The view of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from the gondola.

Santa Cruz

“In Santa Cruz I obviously stop by the boardwalk or Peabody Park,” Taylor shares. Also the Boardwalk Bowling alley and La Montana Taqueria are good places to stop at when visiting.

Taylor Barth ’18 looking out at Lake Tahoe.


When visiting Tahoe, Taylor’s must go places are the Lake and Mofo’s pizza. Taylor’s memories center around her friends and the laughs they shared. Every trip has some sentimental moment that will stay with us forever. 

“In Tahoe I went with someone and stayed at their cabin which was really pretty and the lake was great.” Taylor expressed, “Also we do Kairos up there so it was a good time.”

Caroline Duncan (‘20) shares that the places she loves to visit for day trips would be Pacifica, Carmel, and Mill Valley. Each city has its own unique features that make it special.

Surf Spot is a popular restaurant in Pacifica that is right next to the bowling alley.


“I like Pacifica because it’s very outdoorsy but also close to the city,” she shares, “there are beaches, hiking and biking trails, tide pools, bowling, and the Fog Festival.” 

The Fog Fest is similar to a flea market along the streets next to the ocean. It happens once a year on a fall weekend and everyone comes out to support the local vendors.

Food venues include Surf Spot, Breakers, Mazzetti’s Bakery, Guerrero’s Taqueria, Chit Chat Cafe, and Rock’n Rob’s Famous Burgers.

“It feels like I grew up here so every time I go back, I am reminded of happy memories,” she expressed about Pacifica.

Caroline Duncan (’20) and a family friend boogie boarding in Carmel.


“Carmel is more expensive but the beach and shopping center are always fun to hit when you are down there,” she explains. “There is also a Mission there.”

“We went with our close family friends who are also our travel buddies.” She says, “every trip with them leaves happy memories of laughter.”

Mill Valley

“Mill Valley is a very relaxing, hip area with hiking spots and shopping centers,” Caroline says. “It’s more of a laid back city feel in the sense that you can be away from the crazy city for a few hours and go shopping or hiking and then go back after you are refreshed.”

“They also have a really great pizza place called Pizza Antica. They have the best Caesar salad there,” she shares. Farm House Local is also a wonderful brunch restaurant to check out.

“Mill Valley memories usually involve getting together as a family which is always fun,” she explains. “Sometimes spending hours at a house or restaurant catching up and planning what to do next.”

Peter Dillon’s Statue looking out towards Dillon Beach’s shore.

Dillon Beach

Abby Burkholder (‘18) has been going with her family to Dillon Beach since she was two. Dillon Beach is located in Bodega Bay right across from Doran Beach. Since she has been going for so long it has become a tradition for the family as have the activities done while camping on the beach. You can play in the sand dunes, go fishing, and crabbing.

“One of my favorite things is a 30 minute drive called The Head. It’s close to Doran Beach and it’s beautiful. It’s this big island and you drive to the end and are literally looking straight out to the ocean. If you go at sunset it is the most beautiful thing ever.”

Finding great seafood is not a problem at Dillon if you don’t want to catch it yourself.

“There is a cafe on the top of the hill with the best fish ‘n chips and clam chowder, along with the store that has the best saltwater taffy!”

After so many years Abby has made lots of lasting memories. Her favorite “is probably me, my brother and his friend went to the top of the sand dunes and you can see all of the bay: Doran and Dillon Beach. It is a hike but worth it in the end.”

Some of the places these students hope to visit this summer include:

  • Santa Barbara
  • Yosemite
  • Long Beach
  • Truckee
  • San Diego
  • Vallejo
  • Monterey

Taylor shared some of her favorite words of wisdom: “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” -Ernest Hemingway

Hope your summer is filled with “Love, Life, and Laughs”!

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