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Do You Even Lift Bro?

Family Fitness. Team Ride. Crossfit. Hot Yoga. Whether it’s doing cardio kickboxing in a gym, bicycle spinning in a strobe-lit room, lifting with a group of people, or sweating in a 100 degree studio, there are countless ways to workout. Along with the many sports teams to help you get in shape at school, many students […]

Family Fitness. Team Ride. Crossfit. Hot Yoga.

Whether it’s doing cardio kickboxing in a gym, bicycle spinning in a strobe-lit room, lifting with a group of people, or sweating in a 100 degree studio, there are countless ways to workout. Along with the many sports teams to help you get in shape at school, many students also enjoy working out outside of school. The Talon talked to a few dedicated seniors to get the inside scoop on how they like to workout, why they enjoy that specific area of interest, and advice for all those interested in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Macy and her best friend Olivia Ledesma (’18), both excited to start their workout at Family Fitness.

Macy Mendoza (’18) has been a member of the gym Family Fitness for about two years now, and works out there on a regular basis. The pro of having a gym membership is the variety of options for getting in a good work out.

“I usually go to cardio kickboxing in the morning, and I sometimes do pilates which is my favorite because you focus on abs and glutes,” Macy stated. “I also do spin classes, x-bike and sometimes swim depending on the day.”

With Macy’s busy schedule of being on the softball team at school, having time to fit a workout in can be a struggle. But Macy assured me that with the right kind of motivation, it may not be as difficult as it sounds.

“Senior year made it a lot easier, but I try to go with my best friend Olivia or my stepdad. Having them there pushes me to work harder.”

Personally, I’ve never done any type of workout outside from those offered at the gym. Like Macy, I go to Family Fitness. It’s close to home, has a variety of options, and is affordable. However, working out at the gym can get boring. Usually, those like me who workout alone continuously do the same type of workout. Being at the gym has its pros and cons, but overall it’s personally the easiest way to get in a workout in for me.

While Macy and I prefer to head to the gym, Mary Enos (’18) prefers to get her sweat on in a different way. Mary has been doing Team Ride, a spin class, for over a year now and loves everything about it. Although many people are hesitant to try it because they think it’s “just biking”, there is a lot more to the workout then one may think.

“It’s way more intense than just biking. Classes range from 45-55 minutes depending on instruction. There is music pumping and your ride goes along with the music,” Mary happily stated. “The workouts are fun and energetic, and all the instructors are personable.”

Mary and her sister Katie Enos ’16 after a Team Ride workout.

Team Ride has locations in East Sac, Midtown or Folsom. Like Macy, Mary’s advice for all those interested is to have a couple of people who you know would make the workout not only fun, but productive.

“I say bring your friends or even your mom. I took my mom to her first class last month and now we try and go Saturday or Sunday mornings when we can,” Mary advised.

As someone who only goes to the gym and still has her mom book my doctor appointments and, knowing where to book my first ride can be stressful. Thankfully, Mary gave me the step-by-step instruction on how to get started with Team Ride.

“It’s really easy to become a member. You go on the website, create an account, buy a class, and book a ride. When you actually go to Team Ride you can also get a student discount, mine is only $15,” Mary clarified.

In case Team Ride has yet to catch your attention, the instructors also like to incorporate some fun playlists to get the riders biking and jamming.

“There are themed rides such as Justin Bieber vs. Justin Timberlake as the playlists, or Rihanna vs. Lady Gaga,” Mary added.

Whether or not Team Ride seems like the right fit for you, there is no harm in trying. Grab a couple of friends, head to the gym, and see how it goes.

If neither pilates at Family Fitness nor Rihanna songs at Team Ride have sparked your interest,  Sierra Bonetti (’18) and Drew Taylor (’18) prefer to workout in a different way. Both seniors actively go to Crossfit, a fitness program focusing on high intensity and functional movements that you do with other people.

“Crossfit is a mixture of workouts. There is a skill of the day which is usually some sort of lifting, some cardio before and after you lift, and a workout of the day, called WOD,” Sierra says. “The trainers incorporate time caps, which adds the intensity of the workout.”

The thought of timed intervals and loads of lifting can seem intimidating to most people. Sierra advises those who are serious about getting built faster and stronger to give  Crossfit a try. Sierra just started, but she says that once she did, she couldn’t stop.

“I do it mainly to get fit and because its fun, everyone in the gym knows each other and stays in touch which makes it different than just going to the gym by yourself,” Sierra says.

Formally known as the expert on all things Crossfit, Drew attends five days a week for 2-3 hours.

Drew lifting during a Crossfit session.

“I do Crossfit to feel good about myself, I enjoy it. I’ve gotten to know many people, and they push me every time I go” Drew states.

The Crossfit classes are an hour, and can be longer depending on if you want to join the competitors program. The competitors program is for those want to compete in the sport of Crossfit. Participating in the worldwide competition Crossfit offers is called the Crossfit Games.

“Recently started on Thursdays is The Open, which is the biggest Crossfit event. You compete with thousands of other athletes, aimed to reach Regionals,” Drew stated. “The workouts are released on Thursdays and you have until the following Monday to submit your scores. If you make it after Regionals you also have a chance to be on ESPN.”

Ever since Drew started Crossfit, he’s been addicted to everything about it. The combination of heavy lifting, powerful training and fast results is hard to give up.

One similar aspect of all three of these workouts is the temperature of the room during a session. Most gyms range between 65-68 degrees, but during hot yoga, the temperature can be between 95-105 degrees. Its boiling hot, your muscles are aching, and you can barely stand without everything inside you wanting to collapse on the floor and sleep. Who would be up for that challenge? Hailey Green (’18) has taken a high interest in the workout and has found it to be beneficial physically and mentally.

“If you’re an athlete, it’s really good [for] cross training,” Hailey stated. “At the end of the day when you get tired, you can get a moment of peace just focusing on yourself. You have that mental and emotional peace.”

Hailey went in by herself her first time, and came out of it with a whole new perspective. Many assume yoga can just be stretching, but Hailey describes it as something completely different.

“When I went into it I thought I was just going to try it out, and I came out of it dripping sweat and realized its an actual exercise,” she said laughing. “You walk into the studio with it already being 95 degrees,  stretch, and then the class starts with all kinds of exercises.”

Hailey has been doing hot yoga for a month now and goes every day. As a soccer player and senior awaiting for college decisions, she enjoys the stress relieving workout after a long day at school. Yoga keeps her busy, and it’s a smart way of not only taking care of her body, but her mind. Plus, they offer good deals such as doing “3o for 30’s” which is going to yoga for 30 days straight for $30. Some yoga studios also offer travel retreats such as going to Bali.

Fitness is an important part of many Christian Brothers students lives. Without the ability to not only stay fit, but relieve stress, teenagers are incapable of having a sane and healthy mind. Whether it’s doing an hour class at Family Fitness with your best friend, jamming to Justin Bieber on a bike, competing for a worldwide fitness competition, or sweating in Child’s pose, there are numerous ways to workout. The first step is to get off your bed and try something out. Who knows? Maybe one of these workouts will be the perfect fit for you.


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