Horoscopes: The Sequel

Get in touch with what the stars have aligned for Christian Brothers students in April. Aries: March 21st – April 19th Move over Pisces, this month is yours if you’re an Aries. Your active and ambitious personality continues to demand the attention of your classmates and teachers. You are already thinking ahead and determined to […]

Get in touch with what the stars have aligned for Christian Brothers students in April.

L0015229 Horoscope from the book of the birth of Iskandar
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Horoscope of Prince Iskandar, grandson of Tamerlane, the Turkman Mongol conqueror. This horoscope shows the positions of the heavens at the moment of Iskandar’s birth on 25th April 1384.
This is a fly leaf from the personal horoscope of Iskandar Sultan (died 1415), grandson of Timur, who ruled the province of Farsin, Iran. He is best known for his early military career and his patronage of the arts and sciences.
Apart from being a horoscope, this manuscript is an exquisite work of art and an exemplary production of the royal kitabkhana ‘publishing house’ or ‘workshop’. The manuscript of 1411 is lavishly illustrated and reflects the efforts of a whole range of specialists: astronomers (among them Imad ad-Din Mahmud al-Kashi), illuminators, gilders, calligraphers and craftsmen, and specialists in paper-making.
The manuscript was bought in Iran in 1794 by John H. Harrington, who had started his career as a clerk in the East India Company. In 1932, it was auctioned at Sotheby’s and bought for £6/15d by Sir Henry Wellcome who added it to his collection of Oriental books and manuscripts.
1411 By: Imad al-Din Mahmud al-KashiThe book of the birth of Iskandar, {European foliation, L to R}.
Published: –
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Aries: March 21st – April 19th
Move over Pisces, this month is yours if you’re an Aries. Your active and ambitious personality continues to demand the attention of your classmates and teachers. You are already thinking ahead and determined to finish the school year strong— finals are no match for you. One thing may stop you from accomplishing your wildest dreams and that is not getting enough sleep. No matter how hard you try, getting up early will never be your strong point. When you’re not in the mood during a group project, try to explain things exactly how you mean it without your tendency to be sarcastic. Don’t be afraid to fight for what your heart desires; the universe is all yours. Don’t let those who mean the world to you slip away. You are always in a rush: finding a table at lunch, getting to class, and leaving the parking lot before the freshman parents take it over — slow down, enjoy the present and avoid your “hurry up” thoughts.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th
You have been patient this whole semester, waiting for something to happen between you and that sweet someone. Prom hits right in the middle of your astrological month, the perfect time to make a move on the one you have your eyes on. You believe that the worst way to die is to drown, and you cannot watch the 3rd class passengers on the Titanic remain trapped in their rooms as the ship goes down without imagining yourself in their cinematic situation. You are the type of person who cannot wait for the diversity you believe you will get to experience in college. When you see a post on Twitter that makes you feel uneasy, do not jump to conclusions. Believe none of which you hear and half of what you see. You laugh at the sassy comments you make in your head, if only people knew how funny you are!

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th
Your PowerSchool is not as perfect as you’d like it to be. You’re lightweight frustrated when you feel as if your teachers do not recognize the full scope of your intelligence. Luckily, you know that communication is key with most Christian Brothers dilemmas and no one knows how to talk better than you do. Sometimes you need to know when to stop re-watching Grey’s Anatomy, but you make sure your weekends are strategically balanced with the perfect amount of social interaction and Netflix time. Your personality is best described as a firecracker — no wonder the Fourth of July falls into your astrological month.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd
After a well deserved Spring Break, you realize it is time to settle down and minimize your impulsive decisions. Your thoughts tend to wonder to what you want your summer to look like: flip-flops, miles of sand, and 80 degree water. You are still challenged with daylight savings and you find yourself on Spotify until 2 AM even though you know it’s not going to be pretty the next morning. You are the first to plan a fun weekend hike or to get out of Sacramento. Your room needs some serious spring cleaning. And while you’re at it, you might as well delete the apps on your iPad that are tempting to distract yourself with. You are the understated class clown, with your frequent outrageous comments that even have the teacher smirking. Sometimes your humor isn’t appreciated by others, so you should make sure to let them know you never mean to offend anyone.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd
Take some initiative for once — your make-up homework isn’t going to finish itself. Your generosity does not go unnoticed by others, even though you tend to believe the opposite. Make time to write letters to people that have enhanced your world and to go to family outings more often. Remember that no personal encounter is a waste of time. If you make an effort now to connect with those around you, the future benefit will be more rewarding than one of simply using LinkedIn. It’s never to late to embrace team spirit and Falcon Force encourages you to attend more of CB’s events. Don’t worry, blue looks so good on you.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd
You can’t wait for next year — in fact, you think of the next school year as a rebirth. It’s never too soon to reflect on the past and rise from the ashes your Phoenix. Your practical point of view is much needed by your closest friends who can sometimes get a bit out out of hand, but when you state your opinion make sure you take other people’s feelings into account. All you want is a cool friend that will do you a solid and play with your hair. You can feel yourself becoming annoyed with people who raise their hands too many times per set- – but hold it in, your rudeness can give Virgos a bad rep. But allow me to reassure you of something you already knew: you are flawless *snaps fingers*.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd
You cannot stand this upcoming election and all of the injustices it brings with it. Stay calm — the way you deal with controversial topics with grace and beauty inspires others. You constantly concern yourself with image, so this month learn to embrace imperfection. You want to know your opinions matter and you won’t stop until you finally commit to your dream college. You are the reliable one, the one who takes the attendance down to the office for a sub, grades your own papers way too honestly, and gets frustrated when refs aren’t fair during games. You would rather be in Paris than in a liturgy, but you see the light at the end of the four year tunnel. The money you earn this month will save you from being completely broke, save it. This is the perfect time to open your own bank account or actually use it to save up funds for future use.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st
Self-motivation is the name of your game and you pride yourself on being more on top of your assignments than everyone else appears to be. You come to school prepared with a fully charged iPad, extra pencils, Sogo card and all… because if you don’t, you feel incomplete and unfocused. You may be so done with people this semester, but if you stick out the last seven weeks with a smile, you will have a rewarding summer vacation. You cannot wait for school to get out because there are so many books you haven’t had the chance to read yet. Your fearlessness is noticed by others which makes others drawn to your personality. Be sure to use your words of wisdom for good and try to stay away from being passive aggressive — or aggressive in general, especially while driving to school.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st
You think a lot, maybe too much, but your conversations are very insightful. This month, your optimism will be challenged but you will figure out how make the best out of a situation that refuses to go your way. You are afraid of making too big of a commitment and not being ready to face the responsibilities that come with it. That being said, your teachers and classmates enjoy your company each day. You are known to brighten the room and lift your friend’s spirits, you social butterfly, you! When your anger is tested and you will want to blow up with emotions, you will overcome the situation with maturity and concern for others before yourself. In return, you will not allow yourself to be controlled by any person or emotion which will give you great gratification and contribute to good “juju” and focus going into finals.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th
You are the right amount of hard-headed and stubborn to know exactly what you stand for. People will avoid arguing with you this month because you just don’t give up. Although your peers — even adults — are envious of how well you know yourself, they will try to challenge what you believe to be right. You would agree that the on campus PDA has gotten out of control. You are smarter than you allow yourself to believe. Your ability to lie and keep a poker face scares everyone, but do not use this skill against others. Be more open to the possibility of new friendships. This month, you will allow others to help you out when you cannot complete a task alone. You will make an effort to better your relationship with your A Set teacher, subconsciously knowing it might help raise your grade. You hate being center of attention so avoid getting any detention slips — your fashion may sufferm but short shorts aren’t worth the after school room 301 anxiety.

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th
Suns out, guns out. Even though that phrase slightly bothers you, you are reminded that summer bod you promised yourself in your New Year’s resolution has yet to come true. You have been busy juggling friends, sports, homework, and that one CB elective class that seems to consume all of your time. If anyone could rock a bright red convertible in this weather, it would be you. You like where the Feminism Movement seems to be going. You still can’t believe people are legitimately voting for Trump and you laugh at all of the Bernie/ Hillary gifs on Twitter — but you’ll be rooting for Ted Cruz because secretly you hope that he is the real Zodiac Killer. You are looking forward to your locks to be conveniently chlorine-dyed green this summer and to break out the swim suits, because of course they are your favorite outfit. This month, when someone disses your style you will take it as an attack on your personality, but you won’t get defensive because, well, you’re used to feeling misunderstood.

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th
Did you really want to skim the whole article just to find your sign at the bottom of the article? Now that Urban Spoon doesn’t exist, you are exposed for what you really are: indecisive. From not knowing what Insta filter you want to use to not knowing what your research topic should be, you are lost in a sea of doubt. You will not truly be satisfied with any of your choices until you put your head down and carry out your gut decision. Also, make sure that you keep your attendance in check this quarter. You really shouldn’t miss anymore of your classes. You are kind and others respect you because you respect them. This month, when your friends want to do something you are unsure about, don’t be afraid to speak your mind because of what others would think about you. Develop the confidence to stand up and define what you believe in, and if you already have this confidence, practice expressing your opinions further. Learn to forgive and move on because this skill will be most useful towards the end of the semester.

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