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A Tribute To The Teachers

Between the entire administration changing, COVID, quarantine, masks, and much more, we have been through so much in the last few years at CB, not jus...

Dancing, Dresses, & Dates: It’s Prom Season

Picture this: a grand ballroom filled with twinkly decor, greenery, colorful lights, and everyone dressed in their most formal attire. This is the Upp...

What Kind Of CB Parking Lot Driver Are You?

It’s 3:07 PM at the end of a long four set block day. You’re excited to finally get home, take off your Crocs, and watch some Euphoria on the couc...

How Are We Doing Now That We’re Back?

In August, the CB student body made their return to campus to have their first semester fully in person since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

Living With The Shadows: Behind the Quintessential CB Experience

Shadows are a common sight on the Christian Brothers campus. I bet you can picture it — parochial school sweaters, collared shirts, white nameta...

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