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The Unauthorized Biography Of ASB President Marcos Galvan

As ASB President, Marcos Galvan (’22) has to approve many things. Fortunately, this article is not one of them. You’ve probably seen Marcos ru...

Dancing, Dresses, & Dates: It’s Prom Season

Picture this: a grand ballroom filled with twinkly decor, greenery, colorful lights, and everyone dressed in their most formal attire. This is the Upp...

The Great Wave of Seniority

During the two week, relaxing winter break, many of us lounged on the couch beside the fireplace. Meanwhile, on the presumed deserted CB campus, Josh ...

Putting Your Heart Into It

It’s February 14. You pull into the parking lot, but something feels different today. You noticed students rocking their best red and pink attire. Y...

Dress Code Disregarded

The CB dress code. A policy that is almost universally disliked by CB students. Everyone wants to wear sweats or jeans to school, but no one wants to ...

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