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A Tribute To The Teachers

Between the entire administration changing, COVID, quarantine, masks, and much more, we have been through so much in the last few years at CB, not jus...

The Fishing Experience: Tips & Tricks To Smash The Bass & Trout

Fishing is very unique way to spend a day and just simply enjoy the outdoors. Some simply love the outdoors, some do it to pass the time, and others l...

CB Teachers Flashback To Their High School Selves

As we all currently experience our time in high school, later in life we may look back at this time as the “good ol’ days” where we may be o...

Tests Being Put to the Test

While there are teachers who opt to hold tests during these demanding times, some prefer to lay off of the standard, objective tests. One of these tea...

The Search For Scully

Some might know him as the teacher who is always frantically on the move pushing a cart full of equipment up and down the science halls because of hi...

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