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That’s A Wrap!

Christian Brothers athletes are all quite successful, but no one achieves success alone. Coaches, family, teammates, and fans all help these athlet...

Fall Fun

There is no time like Fall. As the weather gets colder, hot beverages and comfy sweaters come on the scene. The smell and taste of pumpkin are everywh...

Get Ahead With Sports Med

  The fearless Sports Medicine team is there at every football game rain or shine and just about every other sports game with fanny packs, water ...

Rockin’ Socks

Many of us here at CB came from private school where our foot fashion was limited. Now, our socks can be used as an accurate representation of our per...

Songbirds Flock With Our Falcons

Many Christian Brothers students jam out to a pair of headphones during the day, but did you know that some of our Falcons are songbirds too? Let the ...

What Do You Think It Means To Be A Senior?

The underclassmen share their opinion on the 2015 seniors, as well as how they view them.

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