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The Unauthorized Biography Of ASB President Marcos Galvan

As ASB President, Marcos Galvan (’22) has to approve many things. Fortunately, this article is not one of them. You’ve probably seen Marcos ru...

Behind The Scenes With Bella Barbosa

We all come to school, go to class, and go home. But what about the students who are more involved in the CB school community? Bella Barbosa (‘21) i...

Addressing The Code

We are very fortunate to have a flexible dress code here at Christian Brothers. However, many CB students have some modifications they wish to see in ...

Setting The Scene For Your Hoco Dream

Homecoming is a grand ol’ dance that dates back to before your parents were even in high school. This event involves both upper and lowerclassmen at...

Terrific Transfer Tips

When I transferred to Christian Brothers this year, many people told me about how the schedule works — even though I still don’t understand it...

What Art Thou Number?

Shall I compare thee to a game of Fortnite? Thou art more hot and chill: Rough DMs do shake the coolness of my approach. And Snapchat’s lease hath t...

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