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To Mosh Or Be Moshed: Life In The Pit

Let’s talk about an epidemic that has not left CB dances for years: moshing. We’ve all felt the nearly unbearable pain after waking up the morning...

The Different Stages Of Falling Asleep In Class

You’re in your third set of the day on a chilly Thursday afternoon. This weather makes you want to curl up into a ball with a blanket and close your...

CB’s World Cup Expectations

For nearly a century, soccer fans from around the world have come together every four years to watch the World Cup. Whether they watch in person or fr...

CB Through The Seasons

My favorite part of the school year is being able to “people watch” without looking too suspicious. Seeing the changes within my classmates as the...

Attacking Application Anxiety

I’m sure I am not the only student at CB who answers the question “So where do you want to go to college?” with any college that comes to mind a...

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