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The Average Joes

Do you like slow pitch softball? Probably not! But these photo shopped images and interview insight with CB’s “finest” might change ...

Paparazzi @ Prom

 Prom was held at the infamous Arden Hills Resort for all upper division and some lucky sophomores as well. The Talon presents a photo gallery to d...

The Senior Privileged: Ditch Day 2015

The Class of 2015 Seniors join together in bliss and harmony to celebrate the holiday made possible by administrators like you.

Help Us Help You: Advice From Emery & Julia

Emery and Julia are talking like someone is listening.

So Hot Right Now

GQ Club: it’s more than just being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Showin’ Off CB: Open House Photo Gallery

Christian Brother’s 2014 Open House was live — here’s the proof.

Short Cut, Cut?

A popular CB landmark may soon be removed from campus.

Lunchtime Love

The Talon goes inside the lunch of a CB student. Is it  just a paper bag? or a statement that says, “I eat what I want”?

Dance Double Standards

Why don’t girls ask guys to homecoming? The Talon investigates.

CB Sports Stylin’ Socks

Check out the latest foot fashion craze that is sweeping CB.