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A Very Sacramento Christmas

The final bell of fall semester rings and you are on Winter break. Finals are done. Freedom. How are you planning on spending that next week leading u...

Sidelining The SAT: What Going Test Blind Means For You

Doesn’t waking up at 7 A.M., driving to a nearby high school, and standing in a long line to take a five hour test with the power to decide your fut...

Fashionable Falcons Form Following

The night before Club Day, Kenna LaFitte (‘22) made a Snapchat story post jokingly asking people to “Come join Fashion Club”. The response was b...

Red, Blue, & White: The New CB Cheer Has Taken Flight

The Friday night lights shine down over Hughes Stadium over a crowd of thousands and the cheerleaders turn to face the field. Complex stunts, cheers, ...

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