Swerving Summertime Sadness: 2024 Summer Bucket List

Summer is quickly approaching, and for many high school students, the last few weeks of the semester will be the busiest time of the year. School is very stressful now as many students are trying to lock in on those grades before finals. With all the stress we are faced with, summer just sounds like […]

Summer is quickly approaching, and for many high school students, the last few weeks of the semester will be the busiest time of the year. School is very stressful now as many students are trying to lock in on those grades before finals. With all the stress we are faced with, summer just sounds like a nice opportunity to do nothing.

However, that point in summer always comes, typically a few weeks in, when you aren’t recovering from school anymore — you’re simply just bored. This article is for those days. Here’s a *somewhat* official 2024 summer bucket list of activities the CB community can use to make this summer the best summer yet. 

What Not To Do

Sleep past 12 PM. I know — those long nights come and when you have nothing going on the next day. Why not sleep in?

Well because you will miss out. Who knows? One of your friends might text asking if you want to do something. Even if you have no plans for the next day, making a plan is always better than sitting in bed, because I promise you, nothing worth remembering is going to happen sitting in your bed on your phone.

Also waking up late just throws your whole day off. When you sleep the day away and finally decide to get up, you don’t want to do anything because most of the day has already passed. Instead, even if you are tired, get up before 12 PM and just be out of your bed. You can always go to bed early. 

Don’t document EVERYTHING you do on social media. Yes, pictures are great and they hold amazing memories, but you can take a picture without posting. By documenting everything on social media, you are sharing and comparing your summers with others. The best memories and moments are meant to be kept private. Also, when school starts back again, you don’t want all your school friends knowing exactly what you did every day of summer. Instead, you will have pictures and stories to share with your classmates to make those first days of school just a little bit more fun. 

Don’t do nothing. Don’t get into that slump of waking up and then sitting around your house everyday. As an introvert, I definitely understand the desire to be home, but no good summer comes from staying in all the time. Don’t get me wrong — some days do need to be spent resting. But make it a goal to leave your house at least once a day. Whether that means driving to fill up on gas or going for a 10 minute walk — just get outside the house. Connect with a friend once a day. Call someone once a day. Do something different than what you did the day before. Make this summer exciting. 

Don’t give yourself free range on your screen. This I am very guilty of. I wake up, grab my phone, open TikTok, and suddenly two hours have passed. This mindless scrolling will ruin your summer. The best way to prevent falling into device slumps is spending the first hour of your day off them. This gives your mind time to wake up and sets you on track for a successful day. Once you’ve gotten an hour worth of things done, being on a device isn’t such a threat because you’ve already gotten something done.

You should also try and set time limits. For example, if you want to hop on your PS5, allow yourself an hour or maybe a few rounds of your favorite game. This will help you keep track of time and make sure you don’t waste all day in front of a screen. Once your set time is up, go touch some grass. Get something done. Meet up with a friend. Make today different than the day before. 

The Key

The key to having the most lit and crazy summer of your life is to make every day different, even if it’s just slightly. Inevitably, you will fall into a routine as you adjust to being on break. But routines get boring. Maybe change the order you do things or find new places to be. Find new pools, walking trails, ways to tan, friends to spend time with, or something completely out of your comfort zone. 


Cost Cautious

No money? I get it. Activities add up and you can’t be spending money everyday of summer. Here’s a list of cost free things you can do this summer:

  • Meet up with friends. Sometimes during summer, relationships can get choppy as you no longer have the luxury of seeing most of your friends almost every day. However, it’s important to make effort in seeing your friends, even if it may not be as easy. It may be hard, but it typically takes minimal effort to make something work. 
  • Go for walk/bike or scooter ride. This is something I will absolutely be doing this summer. Although it can be incredibly hot in the summer, walks and bike rides are great motivation to take advantage of weather in the morning and evenings. Challenge yourself to wake up in the morning and go for a walk before we reach the 100 degree mark.  
  • Go to a park and play like a kid. Don’t you ever miss being at a park and playing tag with your friends? I know I do. Plan a day to go to the park and just have fun with you friends. Play like you used to years ago. Bonus points if you find a park with a splash pad. 
  • Create a written personal summer bucket list. Obviously, I’ve created a pretty great list for you, but use these ideas along with some of your own to make a summer bucket list that is unique to you and what you aspire to do this summer. 
  • Do a yoga class outside. Yoga is a great way to move your body, especially in the summer when it’s hot. Check out for a summer schedule of group outdoor yoga classes in Sacramento. Of course, you can also get some friends together and host your own yoga session.  
  • Make a vlog. I know I’ve made a million mini-vlogs with my friends on my phone. Vlogs are a great way to document your summer and gives you something to look back on when August rolls around and we are back in school. You can even edit the vlogs to make full videos. 
  • Play a sport. Summer is a great time to try something new or make progress in your sport. It’s another great way to get your body moving while still having fun competition.
  • Build a fort. You’re never too old to build a fort. Get some blankets and go crazy. Forts can be so much fun, especially with your friends or siblings when it’s too hot to be outside. 
  • Go to a party. Parties are a great way to see a lot of friends at once and just have a good time. Just remember to always be safe and responsible.
  • Movie night. Movie nights are the best, especially in the summer. Pick out some of your favorite snacks, grab a blanket, and maybe even your favorite person. Then pick a movie and you’re set. And, if it’s going well, make it into a move marathon. 
  • Hold a cooking challenge with only food you already have. The ability to cook is a great skill to have. Use what you have around your house to make something that you’ve never made before. You can even turn this into a competition with friends or family by setting a time limit. 
  • Read outside. This can definitely be hard with the heat, but in the morning or evenings, reading outside can be a great, inexpensive way to start or end your day. 
  • A spa night. Make yourself a bath and spend time relaxing. This school year was long and you deserve all the self-care you can get before getting back on the grind next year. Take advantage of your down time and take care of yourself.  
  • Have a PowerPoint night with friends. Get your friend group together and host a PowerPoint night. Everyone can create a PowerPoint based on a random topic and present it to everyone else.

Simple Acts

  • Have a picnic 
  • Bowling 
  • The State Fair!
  • Go Karting 
  • Working out at the gym
  • Make Pottery 
  • Top Golf 
  • Museum 
  • Mall 
  • Rage Room 
  • Tie-dye 
  • Water balloon/water gun fight 
  • Get ice cream
  • Make your friends fro-yo order and have them make yours 
  • Decorate cakes/ cupcakes 
  • Mini-golf 
  • Drive-in movie
  • Frolic in a flower field 

Have A Day to Kill?

  • Water park!
  • Beach! 
  • Aquarium! 
  • Tour colleges! Visiting schools isn’t just for upperclassmen. Touring colleges is super important — even before you are a junior or senior. It is super helpful for the college process to be able to develop an idea of what you like or don’t in a college. Check out a college;s website because you can often sign up for a formal tour through the school. 
  • Drive up north or down south or both! The amazing thing about California is that it is possible to travel from Northern to Southern California in a day. It sure would be a long day but definitely one to remember.

Although this is an amazing list, ultimately the success of your summer is in your hands. Stay true to what you know you enjoy and spend time where it feels most valued. Make this summer one that you won’t ever forget!

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