New Moons Leaving Students Out Of Tune

We’ve all heard the myth about people turning into werewolves. Some are quick to debunk the Moon having control over someone’s persona, but is this really true? Some claim that the Moon and its cycles can be responsible for restless sleeping or erratic mood swings, while there are others who would jump quick to argue […]

We’ve all heard the myth about people turning into werewolves. Some are quick to debunk the Moon having control over someone’s persona, but is this really true? Some claim that the Moon and its cycles can be responsible for restless sleeping or erratic mood swings, while there are others who would jump quick to argue that our solar system has nothing to do with human behavior.

CB student Carmen Greiner (‘21), who has been interested in this concept among others such as astrology for about a year, argues that the Moon does indeed take a toll on people’s emotional states.

“I was prompted to learn about it when I was in a bad place and found spirituality to be a way to heal and understand the roots of my pain and better empathize.”

Carmen claims she has been able to recognize certain behaviors of herself and of her friends that she’s able to relate back to what she knows about the Moon.

“The more I learned about it the more I realized how important it was for me to break down familial problems and generational trauma.”

The phases of the Moon and the lunar calendar can be a confusing subject to some, but you’d be surprised at how much it can affect the average person. First off, it’s important to understand the history of the human connection to the Moon.

Humans have always naturally been drawn to the mysterious aura of the Moon. It’s Earth’s closest friend in the solar system and human infatuation with it resides within a wide range of cultures for a variety of reasons and beliefs.

A helpful source for me has been an article in The New York Times written by journalist Cornelia Dean called Exploring Our Relationship With The Lonely Moon, which includes a lot of background information regarding human’s infatuation with the Moon. Some cultures such as Chukchi shamans in Siberia pursued the belief that they would gain powers in result of exposing their naked bodies to the moonlight. Other cultures such as the Aztecs believed the dark side of the Moon to bring death. The most common cultural belief of the Moon is that it’s a symbol of rebirth and purity.

A lot of faiths also pay attention to the Moon as a number of holidays such as Easter, Ramadan, Passover, etc. are all set based off of the lunar calendar. Religious figures such as Buddha, who is known to have reached enlightenment under the light of a full Moon, and the figure of the Virgin Mary in Christianity, are often associated with the Moon.

In astrology, the Moon rules human’s moods and emotions. It’s associated with maternal energy and the divine feminine, and its properties result in responsive, receptive, and reflective energy as it provokes spontaneous and instinctive patterns of behavior. Ruled by the water sign of Cancer, the Moon in each person’s native chart reveals how and when they feel safe, comfortable, and secure. The belief that the Moon obtains the power to alter people’s emotions is referred to as “lunatism.”

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are sitting opposite from each other so the Sun is able to entirely illuminate the Moon. This may result in heightened emotions and mentality and these become much more adamant about making themselves aware. People’s inner beliefs often become prominent and obvious to themselves in the presence of a full Moon.

Just this October, there are not one, not two, but three full Moon events that you should pay attention too throughout the month. The first on October 1, 2020 with the Harvest Moon in Aries, also referred to as the wine moon, hunter’s moon, or the singing moon due to the consistent vibrant aura of light it gives off.

The Harvest Moon is the very first full moon after the first day of fall. This moon phase is all about abundance and prosperity as well as a really great time to subconsciously let go of the things that you don’t want to carry with you throughout the rest of 2020. The Harvest Moon represents the summer chapter ending, which gives us an opportunity to bring rewards and change for the better into our lives.

For some, this moon phase may result in a lot of emotional chaos as its infamous for bringing new scenarios to light, especially with the fiery characteristics of Aries. Those who are not ready for change are forced to adapt quickly to unfamiliar life events that may almost seem to come out of the blue.

For others, they may catch themselves feeling more confident and extroverted. Carmen explains that it’s really a time of self-awareness and adds that these qualities have been prominent in her life and her friends lives as well since this moon phase has begun.

“During this time I noticed a lot of friends feeling really bold and assertive enough to shoot their shots with crushes,” the senior says.

Carmen believes that her friends would have been able to do so without the moon being in the phase it’s in, but thinks that it adds a slight extra push which sets a certain tone that she encourages others to take advantage of.

On October 16th we have the second of three Super New Moons. The Super New Moon is where the moon is at it’s closest point to the earth, which occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon perfectly align, meaning that the Moon’s energy is much more intense than normal. This energy is good for new beginnings, so it’s a great time to organize your priorities. The third and final Super New Moon of 2020 occurs on November 15, so between now and then it’s an especially good time to focus on what you want and don’t focus on the things that you don’t want to attract into your life. New Moons are the perfect opportunity to manifest and achieve new goals.

Carmen says that she’s been setting goals and taking action during this time as the whole energy this month is about fresh starts.

“From college apps to re-evaluating what kind of people and habits you let into your life, these three major Moon phases are motivating and energizing,” she says. “I like to especially focus on what I want from my life and myself through journaling and manifesting.”

The third big moon phase of October is the rare Blue Moon which occurs on October 31. That’s right — Halloween! The last time a Blue Moon occurred on Halloween was seventy-six years ago in 1944, and the last time there was a full Moon on Halloween was in 2001. It’s the second full moon within a single month, bringing massive moon energy and a lot of transformation.

Carmen insists that this is a perfect time to reflect, write down your feelings and goals or even manifest and charge your crystals. She explains that each Moon phase has spiritual implications.

“Specific energy of each phase of the moon is also affected by the current zodiac transit, which changes about every two and a half days. For example if the Moon is in Libra, a zodiac transit ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, that’s the aspect of your life that you might feel more in tune with.”

With this massive Moon energy in October, it’s important you do the work, let go of the things you don’t need, focus on the the things that you truly want, otherwise you’re likely to repeat the same karmic cycle and lessons over and over again. This month truly is a once in a Blue Moon opportunity, so use this energy to your highest advantage and use it wisely.

Change can be a scary thing, but being aware of the Moon’s phases and remaining confident that the universe has your back makes these transitional periods a lot more comfortable and reassuring.

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