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Ha-ve You Met Julia Ha?

Kind. Loving. Supportive. A bundle of joy. Julia Ha (’17) is a member of Senior Class Council, the Senior Retreat Leadership Team, Campus Ministry, and the International Student Program. The International Student Program began at Christian Brothers High School in 2012 with 13 students total. Currently, there are 26 students from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and […]


Kind. Loving. Supportive. A bundle of joy.

Julia Ha (’17) is a member of Senior Class Council, the Senior Retreat Leadership Team, Campus Ministry, and the International Student Program.

The International Student Program began at Christian Brothers High School in 2012 with 13 students total. Currently, there are 26 students from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

Julia has been a member of the Christian Brothers community since her sophomore year. She lives with her host sister, Emma Mathison (’18), and fellow international student, Yueyou Li (’18).

Before high school, Julia attended elementary school in both Canada and Korea.

“In Korea, the education system is more strict, and in Canada, it was more laid back,” she claims. “I enjoyed both systems, but I think I enjoyed Canada more.”

Julia is from Korea, though she chose to come to CB while she was living in Seattle, Washington as an international student.

Along with California, Washington, Canada, and Korea, Julia has traveled quite a bit and lived in a lot of places.

“Well, I used to live in Korea and Canada, but I’ve also traveled to Hong Kong and Japan. I’ve been to a lot of states here in the U.S too.”

Despite being a well-rounded world traveler, Julia finds her peace and happiness in Sacramento surrounded by her friends and host family.

Justin Dacanay (’17), Tudhvir Sekhon (’17), and Marina Lemus (’17) are three of Julia’s closest friends. Justin’s favorite memory with Julia involves thrift shopping and food.

“We bought a lot of food and clothes, and whenever she would find something good, she would look at me and say, ‘Good find.'”

Tudhvir and Julia recently won the “Cutest Couple That Never Was” poll for the yearbook. They spend most of their time at school together, especially when it comes to working with student council or whispering to each other quietly in the Learning Commons about how their days are going or what classes they have next.

“Every memory with Julia is in competition for my favorite time with her,” Tude says sweetly. “But I would have to say the time we got ‘kicked out’ of Target was the best.”

According to the story, Julia wanted to play a game in Target but she was too loud about it, so a worker came over and pointedly asked if she and Tudhvir needed any help finding anything. Tude and Julia left shortly after that slightly awkward encounter.


Julia and Mari cheer loud and proud at a CB football game.

Julia’s best friend Mari Lemus’ favorite memory was when the two of them filmed a YouTube video together.

“We made a best friend tag, and we did all these crazy challenges. It was a fantastic day,” she happily recounts.

All three friends have a favorite — and unique — memory with Julia. Each encounter with Julia Ha is filled with love, laughter, and tight hugs.

Julia loves spending time with her friends, but she also enjoys all of her classes and teachers at Christian Brothers.

“My favorite subject changes every year. I honestly think it depends on the teacher and all of my classmates,” she says.

Junior year, Julia had C set American Literature with Mrs. Maureen Wanket. The class was filled with lots of reading and daily journaling, but Julia’s favorite part was the class discussions.

“I just enjoyed listening to each person getting to talk, and it really broadened my perspective,” the senior says. “It was kind of fascinating what people could think of involving current events and the books we were reading.”

This year, Julia’s favorite class is probably her Spanish IV class with Mr. Tomas Capogreco ’86. The class only has 15 members, and they even made shirts to show their unity as a group.

Over her years at Christian Brothers, Julia has been a part of many groups and activities on campus. These include Venaver, Senior Retreat Leadership Team, Campus Ministry, and Senior Class Council.

During junior year, Julia had the privilege of being selected to attend the Venaver program in Memphis, Tennessee for a week with 11 other students, Mr. Thomas Guro ’03, and Ms. Amy Neff.

Venaver is a week-long immersion program where Christian Brothers students get a chance to learn about the educational, spiritual, and social aspects of the world around them.

The Venaver group visited the Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Stax Museum, Sugar Ditch Alley in Mississippi, Beale Street, Graceland, and much more.

Julia and the rest of the Venaver group had the opportunity to work alongside their Tennessean Lasallian counterparts.

“My favorite memory is helping at the soup kitchen,” Julia says. “I also loved being able to talk with people who live in Memphis that have experienced racial injustice.”

As her last year of high school rolled around, Julia began to take part in more groups and activities around CB’s campus. She joined the Senior Retreat Leadership Team to help students become more in tune with their faith and come together as a school community.

“I love being able to lead retreats, and it’s amazing to watch people grow spiritually.”

Along with the Senior Retreat Leadership Team, Julia became a part of Campus Ministry and the God Squad. Working as a member of the God Squad, it’s Julia’s job to help plan liturgies and prayer services for the student body, faculty, and staff.

However, one of Julia’s most important roles on campus is her work as one of the members of the 2016-17 Senior Class Council. Along with five other students (not including ASB), Julia’s job is to help represent the needs, wants, and interests of the senior class.

“Although it is a lot of work,” she admits, “I really enjoy being able to plan events for our school and represent our senior class as a whole.”

For many seniors, talking about or even mentioning college is stressful and a touchy subject. For Julia, it’s the same way.

Despite the stress of college applications, she willingly told the Talon that she’s applying to Chapman University, Fordham University, and New York University, “plus a few more.”

Whatever happens with her future, Julia knows that she wants to continue to travel the world and have a job that she loves. That also includes not having to wake up early since she’s not a morning person.

Not everything for Julia is about school and the future, though. She likes to live each day to the fullest. Julia has many hobbies, including playing multiple instruments, singing, dancing, ripping magazine pages to decorate her walls, and painting. She also loves taking pictures and watching movies.

“I’m passionate about music and fashion,” Julia gushes. “Growing up surrounded by family members who loved music and art, they naturally influenced me.”

Julia’s passions help to brighten the world around her, along with her bright personality. Julia’s happy, loving disposition shines through to everyone she meets.

“People who don’t even know her can ask her to do something and she will honestly and willingly do everything in her power to help them,” Justin says. “She is such a kind person to have in your life overall, and she is just a gift.”

Tudhvir’s favorite part of Julia’s character is how compassionate she is to everyone she comes into contact with every day.

“Other than being a fun person in a small package, Julia is always there for you. She always stresses about everything, but if you’re having a bad day, she’ll drop everything she’s doing and help you,” he says.

For Mari, Julia’s heart is her personal favorite quality.

“She puts others before herself. I’m so glad I get to call her my best friend. She has become a part of my family,” Mari says.


Julia gives Cole a big hug in the LSLO.

Cole Cunningham (’17) agrees that Julia’s heart is her best quality.

“Her best quality is her lovingness. Ever since I met her, I felt the friendly love she had for many people and me, and it’s completely genuine love,” he says.

Julia’s presence at Christian Brothers these past three years have been a blessing for the CB community.

Her enthusiasm, compassion, and trustworthiness make her a positive light in the lives of everyone she comes into contact with both on and off the Christian Brothers campus.

Julia’s work as a leader has helped her reach out to the members of the CB community. Through her involvement in different programs across campus, Julia has worked to better the lives of the people around her. She is friends with people from all four grade levels, and everyone feels welcome and happy around her.

Julia has made her impact in Korea, Canada, and now the United States. Her decision to transfer to Christian Brothers High School was one that has benefited our school community greatly these past few years.

We are all so grateful that Julia came all the way from Korea to join our little Falcon family.

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