Popular Apps For Your Mobile Device

Popular Apps For Your Mobile Device

Discover the “it” apps among CB students and teachers.

With the evolution of mobile technology devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods, the market has been flooded with popular applications that not only assist people with their every day lives, but also serve as a reason to indulge in personal leisure.

Instagram, for instance, is used by many people to share and customize pictures with those they decide to follow or they allow to follow them.

“My favorite app is Instagram — I check it at least 67 times a day,” states Sydney Lovell (’13). “I would say I am addicted to it. I use it to upload pictures and ‘stalk’ people I follow and at times those I don’t follow. It’s my guilty pleasure.”

Not only is Instagram utilized as a form of socializing, many people become highly competitive regarding the amount of people “liking” their pictures or the amount of people following them. But that’s not the only app that unleashes the competitive side of CB students.

“As for games, I adore TempleRun because it is super addicting,” says Carley Coopwood (’14). “I become intrigued to play again once [my character in the game] dies.”

Apps are used not only to satisfy students competitive sides, but their hunger as well.

Senior Niel Valomores (’13) says she uses apps on her iPhone because “figuring out where to eat is the hardest thing,” says Niel Valmores (’13).  “I trust the Yelp and Urbanspoon [apps] to give me ideas and tell me what’s good.”

CB Teachers are also using apps for entertainment reasons.

“I have a variety of apps on my iPad but my favorite app for my personal use is Zite,” explains Class of 2016 Guidance Counselor Mr. Armando Diaz. “It is a digital magazine app that allows me to create a personal magazine that adjusts to my particular preferences — it finds articles and blogs all over the world for me.”

Mr. Diaz loves using apps not only for personal use, but for ways enhance his work experience as well.

“I use [the apps] Educreations and Higher Education,” he says. “Edureactions is a digital-audio teacher white board. It is really interesting because I can record a lecture while taking notes and later send it to one of my students or collogues.”

Whether it be for work related topics, personal leisure, games or even the best places to eat, the app store has it for you. If you feel strongly about an app on your phone, iPad, or iPod blease leave us a comment below or Tweet us @CB_Talon.

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